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Best picture profile to match GH2 to G80 CineD

Martin Matěj

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Hey guys, 

I am doing a multicam shoot tomorrow and I would like to ask what would be the best picture profile and settings on GH2 to match my G80 with cine D with:

contrast at 0

sharpness at -3

noise reduction at -5

and saturation at -3

or are there any settings on G80 that I should change to maximize dynamic range and "filmicness"

Thanks a lot

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I think one potential solution to get a uniform look might be to use EOSHD ProColour on both of them instead of using Cinelike D on the G80 and trying to match it on the GH2 but you'll need @Andrew Reid to chime in regarding how it developed with the GH2 because it was experimental at the time. 


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Proper white balance and using a color chart is the easiest way to match the two. Otherwise you'll have to do it in post and by eye, which is possible but takes time. 

They're different sensors, and the color science has been tweaked over the years, so it's not really as easy as adjusting settings in camera to better match them, though it might help a little. 

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