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I'm looking for a way to replicate this "epic reverb" to a female voice with Adobe Audition for a motivational video:

First time using Audition (do not be very cruel to me) and really newbee in audio processing too. I´ve tried all setting of reverbs and delays, and almost all sounds like  cave echoes  to me.

Nothing similar to this. My voice actress is not professional so imminent failure is approaching.

Any insight of process list to get the goal? 

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Her voice actually only has a very, very small amount of room ambience on it so I wouldn't bark up that particular tree in pursuit of that sound.

Here is a tutorial for Audition to click along with for normalising and compressing a voiceover which will get you further along.

Bear in mind though that these things are dependent on the source material so you will likely need to tweak the process (e.g. if you have some big peaks from plosives, then take care of them first before you normalise as they will skew the outcome) but its a good grounding in what you need to be considering.



Once you have the levels in order then you can move on to sweetening the sound further with EQ which, again, there are good tutorials on his channel for that and further enhancements that you can do in Audition.


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54 minutes ago, IronFilm said:

Also if you're just starting out from scratch,  then you could really begin with any DAW in the world as you'd be a beginner with all of them. Thus I'd suggest you learn Reaper instead which is a fully featured DAW,  over Audition 

It's seen to be full featured 60 days free to try .

I'll take a look.

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