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Anamorphic adapters with taking lens


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Hello guys,

So what options do I have to store my lenses in a backpack(which will wiggle a lot during hikes etc) and where I can place a anamorphic lens like a kowa + leica summicron as taking lens and it will stay togheter, will not budge. As I really hate aligning lenses. I rather do it once good, and leave the lens and adapter togheter. So I do not loose any time everytime I get this anamorphic setup out of my bag. I have lost connection between the taking lens and anamorphic adapter before. And then I need to realign this thing again. For me this is way more frustrating then the dual focussing. 



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couldn't you buy a piece of cushion foam then cut it out so that the rig sits inside and is protected ?. you may lose a bit of storage space but them maybe you could cut other compartments out for your other gear perhaps. you could even have a separate small  hard case, that just holds your rig. which could be either carried or strapped to the backpack.

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probably depends on which clamps you use. vid-atlantic are general purpose ones but can't say they are super durable. 

I would also use extra clamps to lock anamorphic lens to infinity forever as focusing with rangefinder also alters lens alignment, I used electrical tape to lock anamorphic adapter but whole construction is still wobbly. or use a few lens supports as mentioned above, anyway using rangefinder without rails and follow focus is difficult because of wide range throw

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