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Cleaning vintage lenses


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7 hours ago, webrunner5 said:

I didn't see your specific lens on here, but this might help you with other lenses if you have not seen this website.


I'd seen the website (and even added a lens myself) but hadn't seen that a few lenses had service manuals - pity mine doesn't!

2 hours ago, no_connection said:

If you ever wanted to watch lenses get taken apart and cleaned then put back together you can.


LOL, I'm not doing this for lack of entertainment :)

I've watched quite a few lens teardowns and unfortunately they're all really different when it comes to the details.  Even to the fact that the initial move to take apart the 200mm F4 S-M-C Takumar doesn't work on the 150mm F4 S-M-C Takumar despite the fact they look identical from the outside!

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