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  2. I'm a madman. Do as I say, not as I do.
  3. The crazy thing is that, even though I'm sure this is happening, the used market is never flooded and the price for used cams is barely less than a brand new one. Right now it's cheaper for me to buy a Hero 7 new rather than used, because with a brand new one from a retailer I get the 10% GST rebate (because I am also a GST registered business). It does seem that GoPro control the market for older models very carefully. You won't ever find a 2-years old model in the bargain-big at any big retailer, and it seems like the day a new models comes out the old one is taken off the shelves. They must do some sort of buy-back program with their retailers where they get all the old stock off the shelves, giving people no option but to buy the newer models at the higher price (and also keeping the used market price up because the msrp or street price never goes down before all the stock disappears (unlike, say for example, Canon, who seem to build price drops into their pricing strategy over the life-cycle of a camera).
  4. Pity they have limited the zoom to 8MP...
  5. I don't really think they need to worry about that too much. Most people buy the FS5 for the 'real video camera' aspect, and will continue to do so with future models even if the mirrorless one has better resolution or frame rates, etc. Of course Sony aren't going to crazy and put 4K120p 10 bit in to the A7sIII, but I don't think it's a big deal if one or two specs are slightly better.
  6. Allthoug there are some horrible shots in there. Like 0:36, the colors look pretty horrible to me (also prolly due to production who provided a horrible backback). But still not completely sold on the Z6, gonna wait till the end of the year and see what pops up.
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  8. It looks like the premiere version has a much harsher correction though? The corrections should be identical, otherwise its hard to draw conclusions.
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  10. It would be an easy sell for the people and pros who actually want/need it. I'm sure DJI know this and they have the tech already so I'd say we are going to see it for sure, it's just a matter of when... I'd also be interested to see whether Gopro tries to fight back or not, I feel like they are on their last legs, but I could also be wrong.
  11. What 64MP? ; ) I've found the budget Redmi's 48MP offer pretty impressive coupled to Camera 2 API indeed. I guess their 108MP won't be less than the customary flagships to be sincere. Despite the utmost processing power of the tiptop chips available as usual happens. I don't find 64MP any of uninteresting, on the contrary especially when pixel peeped for checking resolution as due. Sharpness is not the better at any rate, above all when motion (or composition) is our target as we know. Other than that, you won't really notice nor need it, I'm afraid. Here's a curious comparison... 48MP still photo crop low light samples on: OnePlus 7T Redmi Note 7 64MP still photo crop low light samples on: Redmi Note 8 Pro Realme XT source: https://www.gsmarena.com/piccmp.php3?idType=5&idPhone1=9816&idCamera2=300572&idCamera3=300624 https://www.gsmarena.com/piccmp.php3?idType=5&idCamera1=300572&idCamera2=300624&idCamera3=300619
  12. You can't really downsample RAW, the reconstruction method don't work as well as you'd get aliasing in your downsampled channels and loose the ability to interpolate the missing pixels surely? 6K -> 4K Binning, not sure how that would work without introducing issues. Keep all the greens and dump some other colours? Seems like a lot of work when that processing work could be better spent dumping the data out. During the design they knew the sensor size so why not ensure the rest of the camera can handle the datarates, even if it was a little bigger? Sigma have no video camera line to eat into, they're perfectly positioned to disrupt. I can't believe that a few weeks away from supposed delivery the most basic question of whether all the movie modes are crop isn't answered! cheers Paul
  13. The idea that I was trying to explore/explain was around playing music at the same time as recording HFR video, I think I need to try some practical experiments, as I may have confused things by considering the slowing down of the audio, I am looking to monitor the audio "live" for a short time, then not monitor for a period of time, then monitor "live" again repeatedly so that I can be aware of the live audio (in a shortened "processed?" way) this would hopefully allow me the potential to sync camera movement, focus and zoom to the audio being recorded. The chopping up and monitoring the live sound without slowing it down is what I am looking to explore, as I am not sure what software or hardware options might be available to explore this? It should be said that this is still an idea in the development stage, so I may not be very clear in my explanations and may be off the mark in terms of what I need to complete the task, this is often the case with experimental art projects, apologies for the confusion this type of discussion may cause 🙂
  14. The samples from 48mpx (12mpx) have been impressive, but from 64mpx (16mpx) not so much. Since the 108mpx (27mpx) sensor is the same size as the 64mpx, I am not holding my breath. However, S11 is rumored to feature the 108mpx sensor, so I hope they can do some magic in post processing that the budget brands can't right now.
  15. Thank you all for your feedback. I really appreciate it.
  16. leslie

    Formula 1 cameras ?

    i watched bathurst on tv on sunday. ( its like formula 1, but australian and better 😉) i was actually a bit disappointed with the amount of moire or aliasing visible, didn't seem to matter what the shot was either. anyone else notice or am i being overly picky ? I do know its a live event and some materials are prone to it however i reckon i noticed alot more this year. Maybe you guys are starting to rub off on me 🙄
  17. i presume the advertising sells it as easy peasy. You go out, blasting along with whatever activity your doing, capturing all that awesomeness on the gopro bring it home to watch it in 4k or hd perhaps, the reality is somewhat different, there is perhaps a lot more involved than people anticipated in producing awesomeness. I would venture to say that even at a gopro level one will need to apply a few filmmaker techniques to make it watchable for more than five minutes for anyone other than family. Not to mention the persistence and practice required to learn your camera as well. I'm not surprised people give up after a few tries.
  18. 12032 x 9024 pixels and 6K (6016 x 3384 pixels) up to 30fps in the $250-350 price range this time? Seems we'll have news this October 24... https://www.gsmarena.com/xiaomi_mi_cc9_pro_rumored_to_bring_108mp_camera_and_snapdragon_730g_chipset_-news-39444.php https://www.technobezz.com/xiaomi-may-release-the-mi-cc9-pro-with-108-mp-camera-on-october-24-985365/ source Add Camera 2 API and you'll have manual controls, reach up to 200Mbps and yet extend your DR going with Log modes... Just holding less than 200 grams! E : -)
  19. Everyone wants the 1 inch sensor!! If DJI can pull this off with their Osmo Action 2, then it'll be some gamechanger,for sure
  20. Agreed. 7 is very buggy, so even when its price dropped to $299, not attractive to me. Maybe some improvment in the IQ of H8, but the hypersmooth 2.0 of H8 is hardly noticable to most people.
  21. Looks like this lens was modified somewhere. There are some little screws which can disassemble all parts. I also mods it as no lock(re-drilled holes to make it) . The rear big ring is not necessary. It was for adapting to around 71mm(70.65?) projector lens.
  22. When a new gopro drops its always super enticing. However it seems people will buy them, use them once or twice then never use them again.
  23. Yesterday
  24. This is a great idea, but I'd suggest the more you can make real and relevant then the better it will be, and by real and relevant I mean learning by doing. I'd suggest getting very very familiar with where the professional / legal / ethical boundaries are so that you're doing as much as you can. As a parent of a 15 and 13 year old, I'd suggest that your students are likely to have made videos before, even if they're TikTok, Instgram, gone live, Boomerangs, etc and maybe haven't 'published' them but have shared them in chats or other limited audiences. Unlike media classes even a decade ago, basically every kid has access to an entire media production suite in their pocket, so you should look at traditional media education very skeptically. This means that you can either help them to learn by creating content, publishing and seeing what happens, or you can help them understand what's going on with The Algorithm. I'd suggest that the latter will only be of interest to those who have inquisitive minds or who seek stardom, which isn't likely to be the majority of your class. Think about how many people are involved in making a film and how many are on-screen - talent is by far the minority and yet on social almost everyone plays the talent. Another angle is to go away from social media completely and teach them how to film a narrative. I know this is the traditional media education I told you to abandon only a few paragraphs ago, but (to argue against myself) it's a set of skills that are used by you tubers all the time that's invisible, and yet can be so important to creating better content. Depending on how long your classes are, you could even get them to go through the brainstorming, pre-production, production, post-production and delivery / distribution stages in one class "Now students, I'm starting a timer for 7 minutes, write down 5 ideas for a film".. It would be difficult for many students to keep up with that kind of pace, but do it a few times in a row (with students who managed to finish something sharing what worked) and you might get some traction with all students. Anyway, good luck!
  25. kye

    Formula 1 cameras ?

    No actual knowledge about this, but this is the internet so I'm pretty sure outright guesswork is allowed.. Firstly, people are becoming very highly visually educated and know what they like and what the various aesthetics are. People know that blurry backgrounds look 'professional' and many of them know about composition etc. Even if they don't know about these things consciously, they know a good image when they see it. Images are everywhere, and not only that, but really good images are everywhere. With all the billboards, TV ads, TV shows, movies, and image-heavy social media accounts from brands and influencers, people are seeing high-quality images like they've never seen before in history. Almost everyone with a smart-phone can now tell that the photos of their family on facebook aren't the same as the other images they see. My point is that TV stations know this and can cater to it. Secondly, I think that TV stations are putting more money into live events like sport, over fictional material. The great boom of reality TV was partly because it's hugely cheaper to make than narrative content, and I have heard that with advancing technology (and some channels even going to 1080p60!!) the focus is on sports. For the price of renting a better camera you can get HD content on air very quickly and easily (or at least, with basically the same speed and cost of it being SD) and my dad, who still consumes free-to-air TV here in Australia, says that the vast majority of HD content broadcast is sports, so it makes sense that they'd choose to upgrade this.
  26. Depends on the decoder/encoder used to convert it to ProRes. If you use Media Encoder from Adobe you'll run into the same issues. Already tried converting to ProRes using ME and Max Bitdepth. Same issues. You can use Xmedia Recode to convert to ProRes https://www.xmedia-recode.de/download.php Quality is virtually identical to the internal decoders in Resolve. Set output to Quicktime MOV Codec to Apple ProRes Profile: ProRes 422 HQ Audio to copy
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