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  2. I thought this was a nice breakdown of the S1 with some comparisons against the GH5 and a7 iii. It looks like it would pair up well with a GH5 in a multi camera shoot.
  3. The Nikon doesn't shoot 10 bit internally or have even half of the video features of the GH5, and it currently doesn't have raw shooting and if and when it comes, you'll need an external recorder. The S1 also doesn't offer half of the shooting modes of the GH5 and I believe only offers one 10 bit internal record mode right now. It'll be more interesting to people when the V-log update becomes available. But that'll be then. The GH5 has been a workhorse for over two years with a proven set of features that are available right now. People shoot professional work with it now and have established workflows with it. They know what to expect from it and how to get their best work from it. In addition it still has almost no competition in the unique video features it packs into the body.. and yeah, it's over two years old. At its current price, it is still a great buy if you want to record 10 bit internal video with a built in stabilizer. Personally, I'm playing "wait and see" to observe what happens after the raw and v-log updates show up, but personally I'm more interested in seeing what the GH6 may offer. Not everyone needs or cares about shooting video in Vista Vision / full frame. And just because it's a flavor of the moment, doesn't mean it's actually necessary or better than micro four thirds. And the general observation by the community is that the smaller sensors like APSC and m43 get the cooler video features earlier than full frame competitors due to heat and sensor read times. Also, some of us REALLY hate rolling shutter and it's a more pronounced issue on full frame bodies. I could see possibly picking up a full frame and using it mostly in crop mode, but then I end up asking myself why bother when the camera I've owned for two years has more video modes and features. And in another year or so, there will be some new camera like the GH6 to grab our interest. I see you bought a Nikon Z6. It's a great camera-- go enjoy it. Pretty much every camera out there can deliver excellent results. But different people have different needs. I don't know why you are on this crusade to troll the GH5 thread and convince us that we need to sell our cameras. I'll end by just saying, if I was in the market for a new camera and buying into a new system, the Z6 and S1 would be very tempting and both look to be really exciting systems for someone new to the market. You really can't make a bad choice. For me, I have years of prior work experience going back to 10 bit Cineon files from the scanned film days. It's something I'm used to and really appreciate.... so I'd probably be much more drawn to a camera that recorded 10 bit internally. When I saw the GH5 was going to offer 10 bit log, Panasonic won me over, and I took a chance and bought it on day one. I've now come to love all the cool features it offers that I didn't even know I was missing, but now wouldn't want to do without them. Yeah, the color doesn't perfectly match an Alexa, and an Alexa doesn't perfectly match scanned film. But there are so many great choices out there we're spoiled with great options. 😎
  4. Anyone else shooting with the Z6? Since at least one guy said my video still was a photo, here's the video footage.
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  6. The whole point of shooting with a RED or C200 or any cine camera is the best representation of reality as we can. Doesn't matter if you're shooting Log or not. The idea is for the important stuff you need good cine gear. Lots of misinformation being spread around about the new S1 and Z6 that were rumors started before the cameras were released that they would be better still cameras but not so good for video. Since we are in the "video forum" you see post daily were someone is asking how good this camera is vs another. For some reason telling someone that the GH5 is great for the money and the newer full frame cameras aren't any better is flat out not true. And that kind of comment will lead to someone buying the Gh5 in 2019, investing in m4/3 glass and making a mistake in the process. The BMP4K is better then the GH5 but that's not discussed either. Be a GH5 fan boy but don't point people in the wrong direction.
  7. interesting info all i know is this looks pretty darn good
  8. The Nikon Z6 is scheduled to get 12 bit Raw ProRes output to Atomos Ninja recorder. Where did you get your information? You have Nikon with this info and Atomos saying the same-thing. Where do you get that the Z6 might never get Raw? Here's the video that you claim is a photo. You must have more to say then that since you thought a video still was actually a photo. I will check out the 3 hour 1 minute Film Challenge - I didn't know it existed.
  9. kye

    what about s1?

    Absolutely. Remember that when you see footage from two different cameras you're also comparing the grading done on that footage, and unless they were both graded by the same world-class colourist then the grade of one is going to be better than the other one. People talk about the magic of colour science, but @Sage has proven that with enough dedication and skill the footage from the Alexa can be very effectively emulated with a much 'lesser' camera - the GH5.
  10. One thing I have learned from this forum and others, both across film-maker as well as professional colourist discussions, is that different people have different taste and associations. There is evidence to suggest that we heavily identify with the aesthetic that was to our taste during our teenage years according to a range of biological factors, including things like the levels of hormones burn in the neural pathways more strongly, etc. In this sense, many prefer film, which is medium/high resolution but low sharpness, high DR but variable in tint and saturation, etc. Getting an 8K camera will not be a step forwards for these folks, despite the fact it is objectively 'better'. The other thing to remember is that we are creating art, not doing scientific record-keeping, so the aesthetic lining up with the artists vision is the fidelity that is required, not fidelity to reality (unless reality is the artists vision..). I'm not particularly interested in shooting RAW but here's my counter-offer - why don't you come along and hang out in the 3 Hour 1 Minute Film Challenge thread where we try and look at all the aspects of film-making instead of SNR and bitrate. To paraphrase one of the guidelines of the challenge.... Publish in 720p - equipment shouldn't matter and if your film looks dull in 720 then 4K RAW will not save you
  11. The Z6 as of now Does NOT shoot Raw. It might Never shoot Raw. And and how many people even want to shit with Raw if it does. I really don't. Probably 3 people on here even use Raw. Even Mercer, if he shot ProRes LT, would be on his 5th episode of his movie by now. And the picture above is a Photo, not a frame grab. Last I knew this is a video site pretty much. Not hard in this day to figure out how to make a camera shoot Photos. Nikon sort of has been doing that for a few years. I could give a rats ass about photos. My phone can do that,and probably just about as good in decent to good light..
  12. You need to get up to date brother or your eyes checked. I said the S1 has a better image, color and quality then the GH5. Every GH5 owner that's tested the S1 has said this and videos online prove it. You say the same thing about every camera except eh GH5 and that is "that cameras not better then the GH5, hell I can get a used.........." - who cares what used piece of crap camera you can pick up. You haven't tested the S1 or the Z6 and both cameras will have 12 bit raw and both have better color and low light then the GH5. You can keep the scopes and meter and other feature because image quality wins at the end of the day. And here's SOC video still from 4K 30fps that has perfect color from the Z6. And it's clear you based your opinion pre-release rumor from haters. Why? I have no idea since it seem like you have tons of knowledge. I'm going to go post in the Raw Shooting Cameras section about the Z6. Do you wanna come along with your GH5? On man the GH5 doesn't shoot Raw. Never mind!
  13. Ok, I should clarify, I was taking past tense as my comment would suggest. Yes, while the cinema cameras (not all the cameras you mention would be classed as 'Cinema Cameras' but anyway.....) you mention do have internal ND's or the option to add single ND filters behind the lens, this is only starting to happen now so not sure you can expect all new cameras at the price points we are discussing here to have the same tech. Just to specify some of the cameras you mention: Alexa Mini, OK has internal Nd's but do you think the OP want's to use a 5 pin lemo breakout cable for audio. Sure buy a Wooden camera XLR module but the Alexa doesn't come with good audio in mind out of the box to suit the self shooter. Even with the Wooden Camera XLR module, I wouldn't want to be a solo shooter using an Alexa Mini and expecting to plug mic's straight into the camera and get great, usable audio other than for a scratch track. Alexa LF: You can place a single ND filter behind the lens but it is not as quick and easy to change like the filter wheel on a more broadcast oriented camera. Arri Amira: Arri designed this for a single operator. Not sure Arri market it as a Cinema camera but.... Sony F5, more aimed at the Broadcast market. It's a broadcast workhorse. Either way, I agree that it would be nice, but don't get angry when a company releases a 'Cinema Camera' and it doesn't have some of these features.
  14. What are your primary uses going to be? The size of the S1 is huge compared to the XT3 and the GH5. My preference is to have a small set up. The GH5 nails that for me. I just can't justify carrying it around. With that said, obviously you can get incredible images from the S1. That full frame really does deliver superior image quality. I do mostly handheld work, and the S1 just isn't ideal for that. Ultimately you just need to compare the benefits and negatives and choose which one best works for you.
  15. I got to use the S1 today. What a lovely camera BUT after using it I have less interest than I did before. The size is the killer for me. I really, really liked it, and at first was like "I'm gonna end up buying one, ugh why am I like this?!" But by the middle of the day, I was over having to carry around such a large camera. It just isn't worth it to me. But you can get some really lovely footage straight out of camera. The green here in Vermont is just starting to show itself again after a cold, cold winter and it looks excellent. Panasonic's color science is improving more and more. The limitations are there though that the GH5 doesn't have, but they aren't as big of a deal breaker as I thought; as I used it the size though was too much. I'm a big, strong guy, but I don't want to carry that around with me for hours, especially after having had the GH3, GH5 and G85 these past 8 years. Shooting a sports event with it would suck unless I put it on a shoulder rig to help distribute the weight, and I haven't bothered using mine in forever. Who needs to with how light the GH5 is with its excellent stabilization? The kit lens is excellent. Probably the greatest kit lens I've ever used. The auto focus was decent. If you know how to get the best out of the GH5's auto focus then you're good to go. But it will forever remain a weak point for most people who think they need Sony and Canon level AF. And I'm at a point where, even though I am content with the auto focus, I recognize that they need to change course, if not for the improvements but to take away something that people have used to knock Panasonic cameras since the beginning. I'm tired of hearing about it. It's time. I'm hoping to get some time with the Z6 soon. I'm still quite intrigued by it, because I genuinely love that Nikon has really attempted to make serious strides in video.
  16. The prices of phones are getting crazy. Just suck your attention and time away.
  17. Honestly the LS300 is still a very relevant MFT cinema camera, especially if you use the Ninja package. It's a steal at this point, in my opinion. With that said, yes, I'd very much like someone to release a new cinema camera with the MFT mount.
  18. What happened to Jon? Been wondering where he went to.
  19. Arri Mini LF, Alexa LF, AMIRA, Sony PMW-F3/F5/F55, VENICE, Panasonic Varicam S35 / LT , etc etc etc would all like to disagree with you!
  20. 😬😡😢😯 Notice he said Might! πŸ˜›
  21. webrunner5


    Looks a little green to me. 😜
  22. The S1 is Not a better video camera. It is touted as a better Photo camera. How many give a crap about that on here. I sure as hell in this day and age am not paying 2500 bucks for a new Photo camera that probably in reality sucks ass in the AF department. What the hell good is that! You sort of only get one shot, pun intended. I can buy a used Canon 1Dx, or a Nikon D4s for that kind of money, and I WILL get the shot, great color and all. And I can drive nails with them if I need to, and fend off serial killers if need be.. Plus I can probably find a F ing native lens for them to boot that I can still filter booze with both kidneys in tact. Leica Really doesn't Need any more money.
  23. Well they All have to go back.
  24. I'm not sure your argument makes sense because the GH5 is still on the market sold as new and 2 years old. The GH5 is the current flagship model in the m4/3 line up. The S1 is the entry level full frame and $2,495 for the body only. The GH5 is also touted as a great camera will great color and all the features you need. It's also claimed to be better then the Nikon Z6 by miles. My point is the S1 is like the Z6 and is better in image quality and color then the GH5. People don't like to hear the S1 is better then the Gh5 because they bought the GH5 or they bought into the hype of the GH5. Simple as that. Panasonic actually talked about how much better the S1 would be then any mirrorless camera they've made before and that claim included the GH5.
  25. Zach Goodwin2


    Another picture I took with the FD 35-105 F/3.5 on the Canon Rebel T2i.
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