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best pc config


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9 hours ago, hansel said:

Any intelligence is welcome As I have only just made the switch to resolve.

Depends on the individual setup as to what works best. Watch the resource monitor while it performs particular tasks but the key to Resolve performance in IME with H.264 and other highly compressed codecs is to generate optimised media and use cache rendering and for this you need a good GPU. 

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On ‎11‎/‎2‎/‎2018 at 11:26 AM, thephoenix said:

i have ssds but my computer is 5 years old so i can tell you i need a new machine

pretty cool but i think his pc ends up aroud 10k and i do not have this money ?

Yes I agree! I have SSD too (Samsung model) but it's not enough to manage complex projects..

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so new pc is on but i find the hdd kinda slow.

i have two nmve samsung 270 and a a wd black 2go

i find the data transfert between the wd and the samsung really slow.

is there a good tool to test my disks speed and a way to correct this is there is a problem.

all drivers from motherboard have been installed.

i think there is a blackmagic disk speed test but can't find it for pc, maybe only mac

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