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Arri D21


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47 minutes ago, IronFilm said:

I stumbled across this interesting but unlisted video of an Arri D21 (precursor to the Arri Alexa, very similar in a few ways) being used now in 2018:

This is OT, so apologies, but how does one 'stumble' across an unlisted YT video?

I'm assuming it was somehow shared by the youtuber?  I use unlisted videos as private videos that don't have the inconvenience of a password, so if there's another way to discover them I'm very keen to hear about it :)

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I saw one for sale at Arri Rental complete with OB-1 recorder for $6K. As tempting as the image quality and low price are, it is far too cumbersome and heavy to be practical. It's also very power-hungry and just try getting a quote on maintenance. Just the spinning mirror assembly costs thousands. It was a $200K item new.

Now that original Alexas are dipping under $10k and will soon be even cheaper, there is no real reason to use a D21.

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