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Iscorama 54 filteroption


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since the Iscorama 54 has a 95mm front diameter I was wondering about how to use filters. Is there a possibility to use step-down adapters, or do I get vignetting?


Thanks in advance for any tips!

Kind regards.

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On an APS-C sensor, you can use 95-82 (or 72) step down & you don't get any vignetting with 50mm lenses & above. 

With a 35mm lens & 82mm filter it is very faint in Movie mode (or 16:9 picture ratio).

You can get even less vignetting if you Blu-Tack the 82mm filter inside the front element opening (it won't hit the glass), but that isn't really ideal!


So for diopters, you're ok with 82 or 72mm if you stick with a 50mm taking lens or above (aps-c sensor, x1.6 crop).


You can come across some crazy big cheap filters/diopters on ebay from time to time, but its v.rare.

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Thanks for your reply!


I do have a Tokina 72mm diopter and a 5D MKII and use a 85mm and 100mm lens. 

Would that work with a 95-82 or 95-72 step down?




P.S. I saw your amazing comparison video on Vimeo. Thanks for that.

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I use 86mm filters (Series 9 actually), and a 95-86mm step down. It's perfectly fine at 50mm on full frame. :)

Besides that, I have a +0.25 Pentax, 95mm thread, about to go up for sale, if you're interested.

Sounds nice. What's the price? PM me.

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If you're after close up filters add '95mm Focar A' & '95mm Focar B' to your list of Ebay saved searches - these are vintage Voigtlander +1 & +2 diopters. I believe they were made to suit an early Voigt zoom lens and are quality plus.


I say this because I just picked up a mint 95mm Focar B for $50!

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"Hey Zmu, do you mind if I copy this post of yours into the Diopter thread? Never heard of these Focar before!  :)"


copy away : )


Interestingly 95mm filters crop on the 54 /Voigt 25mm f.95/AF100 - but 112mm filters don't : )

[this combo is by far my fav - amazing 1.5x organic images!]


However the Focars are amazing with the 54/Pana Lumix 35-100 f2.8/GH2 or AF100



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