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Mattias Burling

Blind Test - Which colors do you prefer?

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Here are the results!

These where the cameras in the test.


The only one missing from the picture is the one that took the picture, the Fuji X-Pro2.

So without further ado here are the results from worst to best according to you and two other places. 
If I would have counted the three forums individually it would have been three separate lists. The Top-3 was different on all three.

(click on them twice for full resolution)

In last place and with only 7.7% of the votes and therefor with the ugliest colors,

The Sigma DP3 Quattro


Close contender for the bottom spot with 10.4% of the votes was the most expensive camera, 

The Fujifilm X-Pro2 (35mm f1.4 R)


Only one vote away we find its little sister at 11.7%
The Fuji X70


First to receiver a medal in third place and with 15.6% is the modern vintage Foveon marvel,
The Sigma DP1 (I still can’t believe I paid $28 for it :) )


The silver at 18.2% goes to one of germanys finest and another modern vintage legend,
The Leica X1


But the gold and color champion title goes to the streets shooters best friend.. no less than 36.4%….
.. Acclaimed King of the B&W and now also colors…
The Riiiiiiicoooooooooh GRii!!!!!!!!!



Thanks for participating, this was fun imo!

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I would have chosen B too actually (didn't see you already posted the results when I read the thread), but it doesn't really mean a damn thing as I am colorblind :D
I would suggest having all the pictures fit onto one screen. It's a bit difficult to choose when you have to scroll.
What is funny is that, all the cameras you put in the test are doing quite good. It's just a matter of personal tastes I guess. 

Thank you for this nice comparison :)

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47 minutes ago, Mattias Burling said:

Ahh :)

A: DP3Q            
B: GRii                
C: X1                   
D: X-Pro2           
E: DP1                 
F: X70

The Leica is nice but I can't believe DP3 (A) didn't get more votes! That was the one with a nicest all-round balance of character and minimal flaws for me. Not too perfect, not too rough.

I think it would be interesting to try a blind test of video modes with baked in colours.

Were these raw stills graded to taste?

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10 minutes ago, Andrew Reid said:

Were these raw stills graded to taste?

The samples in the results post where all graded to taste. Some even had grain added.

The DP3 image of the little girl however is almost untouched.Thats why I love Foveon no matter what the results of the vote was :)

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5 hours ago, Andrew Reid said:

Enjoyed this test, fun stuff

Very impressive for the Leica X1 and GR to retain such nice colour in the highlights on the fruit.

DP3 Foveon still best overall though :)

Yeah for being small and pretty darn affordable cameras all three of those packs quite the punch.

I have to do a B&W test next time I happen to have that many cameras in my house.

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10 hours ago, Mattias Burling said:

I have to do a B&W test next time I happen to have that many cameras in my house.

I'm quite curious to see how different B&W out of camera results are between different sensors and manufacturers. There are just so many ways to transform a color picture to B&W !

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