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Canon 5D Mark III - 3.5K and 4K raw video with Magic Lantern

Andrew Reid

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@tigerbengal I remember having some trouble with formatting the card the right way on my Mac.

I have not read the whole thread and don't know if it will make a difference, but try loading the ML firmware on your CF without the SD card in your camera and run it, then check benchmarks.

(Then you can erase the ML fw on the CF and run it again through the SD, this is how I always handle new CF cards with ML)


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@SigurdW I did what you said, but still same issue.

@Stephen, I did more tests and discovered something....if I change in the Canon menu: movie rec size to 1920-24-All-I and then in ML

crop mode   1920 1:1 tall

raw video      on, 1920x1080, 16:9, 14 bit lossless

The benchmark for the cf card gives me 91.3Mb/s


If I go back to canon menu and change movie rec size to 1280x720  60fps ALL-I

then in ML Raw video   1920x800, 16:9, 14 bit lossless

         crop mode 1920 50/60 3x3

and run the benchmark , there is when I get the 67 mb/sec.

I thought these are the settings for getting 60fps with crop rec, I am doing something wrong I cannot see? can one of you guys try the settings with your CF cards and tell me what the benchmark numbers are for you with 60fps settings?


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Repeated your settings and benchmark is showing me similar results. Actually they were lower. 57Mb/s first test and 43Mb/s second test. So there is a problem with the benchmark in this mode. Your card however is 100% OK and not the problem. After the benchmark tried to record at 50p and yes it worked without a problem and was continuous. So next question is which version of ML with you run. Mine is from October 2017. Usually get the latest one. 

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I did the test with 4 different ML version, the last test was with the latest one I think is from Octobet 10th, same results. I sent my cards to Lexar for further test, It might be not the cards the problem as you said Stephen, but just in case I sent them to be checked or replaced, I will do more test when I get them back, almost ready to give up on this 60p continuos recording, it is what it is....at least I was able to get 21 sec with the latest ML version.

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13 hours ago, kidzrevil said:

It absolutely would especially at 6400 iso where the noise is eating most of those 8 bits...

At ISO6400 the noise will eat whatever bit depth you throw at it, so I don't think that's really a consideration.

The problem with 8-bit RAW is that even in great lighting it will still be 8-bits!

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