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Bendable Slider. Pretty Cool Idea


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    • By Liszon
      Hey everyone,
      I have a Konova Motorized Smart Pan & Tilt Head for sale here!

      Perfect for pre-programmed time-lapses and it can be used for live motion as well. Works on any slider made by Konova (I have a K7) supports both the basic and the smart motion controllers. It would even work on a tripod or a 3rd party slider if you buy one of the Konova controllers.
      High capacity motors, excellent built quality, the pan axis can hold 10 kilograms the tilt axis has a 5kg payload.
      Full specifications above:
      Comes with all factory accessories, carrying case/cables/instruction manual, even the original cardboard box:
      The baby is in pristine condition, only tried and tested because I bought it for a project that probably won't happen.
      Asking £390 - UK shipping included, EU shipping can be arranged for a little extra. Payment via PayPal or simple bank transfer (domestic sale only).
      A few videos to show you how it works in action:

    • By patti995
      Our new Crowdfunding project: First adjustable camera slider
      The idea was to develop the first ever adjustable curve slider which enables linear tracks as well as any preferred curve track. Due to its mechanic flexibility, one man operator can achieve easily different dynamic effects. The Multislider is motorized, time-lapse capable and can also be operated by hand.
      In case you like the project and/or the multi slider you can support us our Crowdfunding project.
      The goal is to optimizing the prototype for high volume production.
      Please help us and share our link.
      Thank you „smile“-Emoticon
      Link Crowdfunding Project:
      Link Video:

    • By kabauterman
      Hey folks,
      some of you may have allready seen this on Youtube or at DIY-Photography but I like to show you my variant of the Low Cost Mini Camera Slider wich TheFrugalFilmmaker (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ky4ukqvr6H8) has shown some weeks ago.

      What you need:
      - Igus Slider Sample (http://goo.gl/Tx37DR - it's German just change the language to your country)
      - 2 M3 screws
      - 2 M3 wing nuts
      - 1 M3 thumbscrew
      - 1 1/4" 12mm screw
      - 2 3x3cm brackets and some rubber
      - a quick release plate
      - a mini ball head 
      - a Tripod ball head (Acra Swiss compatible)
      Clearly you need some metal drills, thread drills and some other tools.
      Have fun with your Mini Camera Slider
    • By Wit
      Imagine you and your friend are shooting a lot of run an gun things. But also short documentaries and event registration. Being a one man band wanting to add the slider effect into the toolkit. A lot on the road.
      - What is a good length with which you're still flexible to go and get things quickly installed?
      - What are the specs to look for and the things to consider - next to snood, quick install etc? 
      - We're thinking of making it ourselves - our is there an awesome good and cheap one out there which 
        fit our needs?
      Thank you so much!
    • By arbelrom
      Here is a short nature clip I shot using the Cano 5D Mark III

      Lenses used:
      Canon 16-35 2.8L II Canon 100 2.8L Macro Canon 24-105 4.0L IS  Canon 50 1.4   Tracking shots done with -  Varavon Slider with Motoroid kit
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