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  1. Hey folks, some of you may have allready seen this on Youtube or at DIY-Photography but I like to show you my variant of the Low Cost Mini Camera Slider wich TheFrugalFilmmaker (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ky4ukqvr6H8) has shown some weeks ago. https://youtu.be/Ur6FQ6pCAWE What you need: - Igus Slider Sample (http://goo.gl/Tx37DR - it's German just change the language to your country) - 2 M3 screws - 2 M3 wing nuts - 1 M3 thumbscrew - 1 1/4" 12mm screw - 2 3x3cm brackets and some rubber - a quick release plate - a mini ball head - a Tripod ball head (Acra Swiss compatible) Clearly you need some metal drills, thread drills and some other tools. Have fun with your Mini Camera Slider
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