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Best camera for filmmaking


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Looking for opinions on the best affordable camera for narrative filmmaking (not doccumentary) with a  anamoprhic lens. currently I have a Kowa 8z B&H and a T2i. I would like to get an older/70's cinematic look. Current plan is to use older glass like Helios.  Current front runners are:








5D markII



Any suggestions appreciated!




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EOSHD Pro Color 5 for Sony cameras EOSHD Z LOG for Nikon CamerasEOSHD C-LOG and Film Profiles for All Canon DSLRs

I would go for one of the flare factorys and try to nail the look that way, some of the EOSHD stills looked totally 70´s - regarding the cams - I don't think there is a "best". It's more a question about what youre comfortable with. The GH2 is the sharpest of the three, the 5D is fullframe. The three have quite different looks and and characteristics - so I guess you should choose what you think look best?

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Thanks, yes I am on the waiting list for a flare factory lens :)   only issue is they only make a 58mm, so shooting a whole

short on one lens would not be ideal. You make a good point regarding camera bodies, full frame is a concern as I from

what i have seen a lot of anamorphics play better with cropped sensors for the most part. As for the "look" of the GH2 vs Canon

its hard for me to discern even after looking at a ton of footage, I do quite like the look of canon once cinestyle is enabled,

but everyone raves about the GH2 and it's sharpness. I will keep researching.

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None of them are really that much of an "upgrade" so to speak, they're just different. The 60D just ain't as good IMO, the 5D MKii is pretty similar yet a different beast to handle (the screen is much worse for example) and full frame, and the GH2 is a very different look again. It's much more detailed and sharper, but also carries a more video feel (also IMO) so it depends what final look you want. 


I was looking at this list for 6 months or so. I love the old Ken Loach 16mm British 70s look if you get me. In the end I just kept the 550 and added a Mosaic Engineering filter. It's not cheap but did the trick removing the aliasing (which gives away the digital feel), with the Magic Lantern hack (zero sharpness and 2.8x bitrate) and some of Grain 35s 16mm overlays in post and there you have it, 16mm look.


16mm is pretty soft and grainy, that's why it's so nice ;)


The new Blackmagic Pcoket Camera would be upgrade in image quality though, though you'd have to think about lenses.

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Thanks for the detailed reply. Mosiac filter looks amazing, suprised I haven't heard of it, do you think it woudl interefere when shooting anamorphic?  I'd love to see some footage of what you have acheived with your rig.


I'm ruling the GH2 out as it does indeed look a bit video, esp with moving objects. But I thought some of the more $$ canon bodies

have a higher dynamic range and or better sensor? 



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Dont dismiss the GH2 is kills so many other cameras out there

we have compared it in the edit suite against RED, ARRI C300 , 5D11 ETC

hacked gh2 is comparable to the hi end red and alexa in terms of detail

plus holds a huge amout of data for grading much more than any canon does - there is alot of lattitude like Red and Alexa


I recently did a job with GH2 and 5D11

and the gh2 blew the 5d away .. no contest

you would be very supprised to see them in the edit suite side by side on the monitor

the difference is shocking!

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Andy. Good points, I have seen the impressive image sharpness of the GH2. But I also have to also agree it can

look a bit videoish from the stuff I have watched. I am open to correction though :)  but I am pushing for an older cinematic


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you are watching on vimeo or youtube at compressed with artifacts 7mb/s max!!  dont ever go off these sites as referance

The gh2 is not video looking at all you have been missinformed!

Mine is kicking out 170mb/s !! the image is simply stunning 24 progressive frames a second (all I frame as its Driftwood Hack)

video is about 12mb/s max !

this is nothing like interlaced video

The Nostaligic profile setting for me is the best - that is very cinematic!

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I have the 60D, I just ordered a GH2 and a friend has a 5Dii.  I will have to do a comparison video with the helios + iscorama and post it here as soon I can.  I'm just as curious as to which camera produces the best image as you are!

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