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M�VI set to revolutionise filmmaking - Vincent LaForet shows gyro stabiliser by Freefly Systems (with footage from GH3 and 1D C)

Andrew Reid

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So here is a video on FreeFly's older Cinestar 3 Axis servo Gimbal.  
It is $1,500 and I think has the ability of remote tilt and pan because he mentions his camera operator preforming tilt moves and pans while they're flying (seems to be 360 degree pans, 60 degree down tilts and 30 degree up tilts). Ah I think you need FreeFly's Radian sensor packs too, one for each axis servo which adds up to about $1000 for all three. 
It has the same 3 axis setup as their new MoVI except the new one uses brushless motors (like the 3 axis $3,500 ZenMuse) which are (smoother?) (quieter?).
Not sure how much weight it will support but the video implies no trouble flying a 5D mark II setup.
Just add a few handles, wireless monitoring and a power supply and you got a MoVI MiNI lol (kinda)


and here is more on the Radian sensor packs


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Except that a better lens pretty much strictly dominates an inferior lens. Whereas for 95% of shots, a $300 tripod will look as good or better than the results i get from using this.  And in 80% the 5% of cases where it doesn't, my $500 glidecam will look just as good.


It's a gadget. It isn't even new tech.  Furthermore, this whole thing has been a publicity stunt, so I'm inclined to shit-talk it until further notice.

You clearly do not work in the industry at all eh? Have you seen movies before? Been on a film set?

I hate to break it to you but it isn't as simple as a guy a gh2 and a tripod.

I also happen to not like the price of the MoVI but they are first to market. At least in a way that proper film sets can use and put real cameras on. That is exciting. Did you see that shot going down the spiral stearcase? You CANT do that with a steadicam/glidecam, it just wouldn't fit. 

What's exciting about this is that it is so incredibly versatile. Have another motion shot on your shot list? You can probably do it with this, you don't need to lay out a track. Every hour on a film set is lots and lots of money. This unit, albeit expensive up front, will save lots of time on film sets. Notice how 99% of the people in the industry who make their living are really excited about this? That's because it is a big deal and not just hype.

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Except that a better lens pretty much strictly dominates an inferior lens.


You can get very cheap, very good lenses. In fact some that will dominate the 12-35 with their character.

What the 12-35 does do however, is a variety of good shots, quickly. Without having to swap tracks... I mean lenses.

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It's not about hate or cynism. It's about not getting carried away completely by that kind of hysteria.

"Wow, this revolutionizes the way films are shot! 

Things will never be the same.

The only thing I can say right now is WOW.... WOW.... WOW....


Insanely fascinating!


And if you say, a good improvement of existing stabilizers, adopting existing technology for air-photography, then you are a hater?


Laforet wrote:

The danger of this device is that you’re going to want to shoot Scorsese’s famous Copacabana shot from Goodfellasevery time you pick this unit up.  You’ll do well to remember that short takes and editing are the key to a nice flow in almost any piece. 


So the master himself came to his senses in a later passage. This thing will make a lot of steadicam work obsolete. The latter (during the last decades) made a lot of dolly shots obsolete and static tripod shots (filmmakers found out, that a slight instability added dynamic and emotion to the frame). 


It's an improvement, not a revolution.


EDIT: I just found a video BurnetRhoades once posted, about the refinement of the tracking shots in five of P.T. Andersons films. 


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I don't understand why you hate this so much?



I do not hate the Movi, not by a long shot. I think it's really, really cool.  I just don't like the way it was presented. But maybe i'm just sentimental for the ol 5D2, and the yesterdays of progress at Canon.


Sorry for being so caustic. 



The revolution will not be televised!



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These things are far too bulky and would require too much maintenance.


MEMS GYROS are the future with small embedded computers like arduino, rasberry jam


Think handle grip, a cube of 100mm sides which sits on top containing all the works , 

then a NEX sized camera sitting on that. Not much bigger than a large ice cream cornet at Disneyland


Finally to get mass market appeal, you need to take out the footsteps from the footage --- 4 degrees of motion.

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I def want this, but I'm wondering what differs it from their (older) 3-axis gimbal för a tenth of the price... If it's basically the same setup (since it can handla a stripped down Epic just a little bulkier but same weight), then why not just add handles? And making a smaller joystick can't really be that hard either to be able to use your thumbs and fingers on one hand and follow focus on the other?

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The opening shots from the helicopter are jerky as shit and so is the cab shot that everyone is so gaga about. I don't get it. You need an army of people to use and operate the thing effectively, so it's not like you're showing up to a shoot by yourself and using this.


The spiral stairwell case shot could have been pulled off flying a Glidecam and a DSLR upside down without a doubt. Even if it weren't possible, it's not like that shot was all that riveting staring at her out of focus shoulders while wobbling down the stairs with the camera operator's shadow coming into the scene(which happened a few different times). 


Vinny Minton would have absolutely gotten a smoother and more precise shot during the cab scene with a simple Glidecam.


This blows away all of the footage shot with this "game changer" and it's a $500 Glidecam operated by one person - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YvfX7D8MXI


For tight spaces and some helicopter work (albeit the footage examples from the helicopter were quite poor at times), I see this as a useful tool. I would not call this a "game changer" and compare it to the level of game change that the 5D2 brought on, that is quite absurd. 

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Vinny Minton would have absolutely gotten a smoother and more precise shot during the cab scene with a simple Glidecam.


This blows away all of the footage shot with this "game changer" and it's a $500 Glidecam operated by one person - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YvfX7D8MXI


I watched most of Mintons playlist. 


1. I need to practice more.

2. I've seen a lot of hypes in my life. I can sit and wait another year or two, until this becomes affordable.

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