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  1. What is happening here? Recent articles include how much you love the 1dxii and how the Leica SL is your logical upgrade path, and now you write some sort of attempt at satire against high end cinema? This was very uncomfortable to read.
  2. I'm not saying you are wrong, and I do largely agree with you.... But people have been saying this since the 5d3 came out and not much has changed. Reception to the 5d3 was no better than what the internet says of the 5div, in fact probably worse. Yet that camera now is viewed as coming from Canon's "glory days" same thing with the C300, it was mocked upon launch next to the red scarlet, but we all know how that turned out. I really had high hopes for the M5, and i'm actually still going to pick one up. (no eta on shipments to canada yet) It will likely just be a little family/ walk
  3. Hey Andrew, I agree with almost everything written in this article, however the examples I find a little strange. I believe this is a custom profile that you created for that canon but its so hard to compare when the black levels are sitting so high and the skin seems blown out (at least the red channel is incredibly close) I understand what you mean though that she was in the light of the setting sun so it should have that warmth, but I would guess 9/10 people would choose that sony image as the Canon looks a little early days instagram filter like. Also quick note, I don't think it's
  4. ​It will depend what time of shooting you do. If ML RAW for doing a lot of colour correction appeals to you than the 5d2 with AA filter and ML like Andrew suggested. If extreme low light and fiddle free camera opperating is whats important to you than the 6d would likely be a better choice.
  5. I know some people have stated this already, but you should probably update that the C100 mkII does in fact shoot 1080 60p in both AVCHD and the new MP4 codec. I love my C100 but I was actually surprised you put it on the list! Not because it doesn't deserve to be there I just didn't think it was your kind of camera. You are right though, its main "feature" so to speak is that its a workhorse of a camera that just works and looks great.
  6.   You can get very cheap, very good lenses. In fact some that will dominate the 12-35 with their character. What the 12-35 does do however, is a variety of good shots, quickly. Without having to swap tracks... I mean lenses.
  7. You clearly do not work in the industry at all eh? Have you seen movies before? Been on a film set? I hate to break it to you but it isn't as simple as a guy a gh2 and a tripod. I also happen to not like the price of the MoVI but they are first to market. At least in a way that proper film sets can use and put real cameras on. That is exciting. Did you see that shot going down the spiral stearcase? You CANT do that with a steadicam/glidecam, it just wouldn't fit.  What's exciting about this is that it is so incredibly versatile. Have another motion shot on your shot list? You can proba
  8. That really doesn't sound that ridiculous. How often do you swap out cameras? Every year or two? How often do you swap out support gear? If your smart very rarely.  You didn't care that the lens cost more than the camera, same idea just exaggerated. 
  9. A few things. Firstly, theres no way canon will discontinue the c300 and c500. Though you may not realize by reading blogs and forums, the c300 has been an incredible success. Second only to the alexa it is the most rented camera around. You could buy one strictly for renting, and pay it off in a few months.  Though the c500 confuses me slightly simply because it lost all of the ergonomics of the c300, its barely just out and we have yet to see if it will succeed or not. I would love a $4000 C DSLR. After getting a c100 my 5d3 footage is just disappointing in comparison.&nbs
  10. For the record, a 24-70 2.8 does not suddenly become a 24-70 1.8. It gives you the same look as a 24-70 2.8 on FF. So more like 18-50 1.8 or whatever the math would be. a 50mm does not become a 35mm, it just acts as a 50mm is menat to act. This is a pretty interesting product though, hopefully they can make more mounts. We can pretty much leave math out of it and pretend you have FF sensor, much easier. 
  11. I understand wanting the most from what you buy. I want the most from what I buy. However, as an event photographer/filmmaker the 5dIII are almost everything I could ask for. I don't want RAW file sizes. I'm not saying that this is everyones needs, but they fit my needs fantastically. I don't think that Canon forgot about the indie filmmakers (i'm not one) I think they are just marketing elsewhere. They are a company first and foremost, if there is more money to be made for them by doing it the way they are than thats how they'll do it. Maybe the online community is right and they well be
  12. Andrew, I agree with the idea of the article and I'm sure everyone can agree that having more features for less money would be nice. But to say that the indie filmmakers have to "suffer" is just plain wrong.  If not having 4k is suffering than your life is far to easy. As others have mentioned, if you have a story and can't tell it on a 5d/gh2 than you can't tell it with an Alexa, it really is that simple. I've loved my C100 and actually do see it as a resolution increase, but I bought this because its the best event camera on the market. It has NO competition for event filmmaking. Cano
  13. I mean no offense, but all of the spots you put under "eoshd remark", those are the tough questions that you should have asked. Rather than slap on some back handed remarks with no option for them to actually answer you. You asked questions in this article, not tough questions. Mind you I am not great on my feet either.
  14. [quote author=bellsbells link=topic=596.msg4136#msg4136 date=1334665623] [quote author=RickToxik link=topic=596.msg4134#msg4134 date=1334665244] The BM camera outputs in 3 formats RAW DNG (hmmmmore Adobe), DNxHD (Avid) and Prores (FCP). The automatic modes to correct your footage depends on your software, but I guess someone (maybe Blackmagic) will make a LUT for this camera.  LUTs are files containing a curve that softwares read to balance footage automatically.  I am sure though you will want to try those adjustments yourself, you still have several months to train! [/quote]
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