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  1. I wrote another post specifically about why the Movi will be a must-buy, no excuses, for wedding filmmakers. http://m43weddings.com/2013/04/06/the-movi-for-wedding-videography/
  2. What excites me most about the Movi is its potential for MY industry: wedding videography. It will lighten the load i have to lug to a wedding SIGNIFICANTLY: no longer will I have to bring a slider, and a jib, and a glidecam. I can just bring the Movi, and get all the shots I need just like that.
  3. I got to see the Movi in use, first hand! I blogged about it here: http://m43weddings.com/2013/04/04/eyes-on-the-movi-in-omaha/   A few other thoughts I had: This will pair well with a GH3 w/12-35 Lumix lens: the autofocus should be more than up to that task, at least for event video applications. Re: power for the gyros and remote control, Tabb used a few strategically placed Li-ion RC batteries, small versions of what I use to power my Airsoft rifle. They were attached symmetrically on the device. Power for the gyros lasted AT LEAST for around 6 hours of filming. The RED Epic, on the other hand, needed regular battery changes.    Keep your eyes on Vincent's blog, BTS that I shout will eventually be showing up there!
  4. Tomorrow, I'm doing a write-up about why I use my GH-2s for weddings, and I'm going to use this clip to get at two of my main points: flexibility and value. Using only native M4/3s glass, you can cover from 7 to 300mm at F5.6 or more open, and hit 12, 17, 20, 25 and 45mm with primes for a total of less than $6000 (including body). Open the door to adapted glass and you can get F2.8 at just about any focal length you could ever want for less than $250 a lens. Bam.
  5. It depends a lot on what you are shooting and what your priorities are. Do you need clips longer than 12 minutes? GH2. Do you need sharper resolution? GH2. Do you need better ISO performance? 600D - but not by a ton.
  6. I don't know what's coming, or if I'll ever need to buy it, but boy - new stuff coming out is always exciting!
  7. JesseB


    Hey guys, I'm new here! Love the blog, enjoy chatting with Andrew on Twitter, figured I'd join his forum and see what everybody's chatting about here. I'm a wedding/event/corporate videographer in northwest Iowa and I shoot right now on 2 GHs. Love the buggers. Haven't tried hacking them since I really didn't enjoy the experience with the GH1, and the GH2s I have are sharp and awesome enough without extra bits in the codec. All the numbers talk that floats around the hack gives me a headache, but I love talking about everything else GH2 related. I actually just started a blog about shooting wedding videos with GH2s, [url=http://www.m43weddings.com]www.m43weddings.com[/url] - and I hope to chronicle my experience shooting 14 weddings this summer with the cameras on there. If you have any questions about how I do what I do, or why I picked Panasonic over Canon, please ask - I love to talk about it. I love talking glass, and I love great photography and video. So yeah, that's me. Hi!
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