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Canon vs Sony or...

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On 3/21/2017 at 2:25 PM, Cinegain said:

With APS-C it's not just the crop: ease of establishing shallow depth of field (and not all lenses perform that well wide open, so it's nice if you could squeeze that aperture a tiny bit) and the better choice of wide angle lenses perhaps. It's much more the two main things about its sensor performance and that's: dynamic range and high ISO noise performance. You can do anything you want to a 4/3" sensor, but that's not going to improve. We already established that not always will you need a massive dynamic range... and you can and should always light your scenes... but if you're out about in the city, changing environments needing to quickly adapt, it's nice to be able to 'cheat' a little and have that flexibility in your camera to provide you with that. I absolutely adore Nikon APS-C sensor performance. Sony sensor performance is quite alright as well in terms of that mentioned flexibility (they could work on other things like color reproduction and defaults (that create color channel clipping issues), rolling shutter, etc). Guess the X-T2 proves that you can get great things out of an APS-C sensor indeed. Just... the bodies, features, eco systems (and their compactness) and perhaps prices that go with the current APS-C offerings... they don't really appeal to me that much to leave the MFT system quite yet as I'd rather have a nice system to work and work within the boundaries of what the sensor cán do... than ditching the system for something that doesn't really resonate with the way I'd like to shoot at all. I could be rocking anything from a A7RII to a F35, and they're amazing at what they do, but it's pretty useless if neither of these fit into my shooting flow.

I don't think it has much to do with the size of a m4/3 sensor. There is not a person on here that will argue that the BMPCC has probably a better looking output than Any camera that we could afford to buy.

But guess what it has a smaller sensor than m4/3 has, s16. Do people pitch a bitch about its output because of it, no, hell no. It is ALL about the codec, or in the BMPCC case, the Lack of it with Raw. If the GH5 did Raw in camera like a BMCC does it would be, well, a hell of a lot better than nearly any APS-C we can buy. Sure the crop factor sucks on them, and well sure DoF is "Less" than a FF, but you are allowed to buy 0.95 lenses and hang them off a Speedbooster.

We are, me included, are just making up a lot of silly excuses that could be totally solved by getting off our ass, off this forum for awhile, and going out and shooting stuff with what we got, or maybe buying a new GH5, and be happy as a" Lark". I cleaned up the last words.  :grin:

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Actually, it does, they'd love to compete with fullframe & cinema cameras etc, but they just can't on either dynamic range or high ISO noise performance (against fullframe that is, for cinema cameras, they're pretty much dealing with the same thing).

Though, indeed, the footage out of the BMPCC looks way nice and the DR is there. But... that's like asking me: 'I need a car... and I need it to go fast in a dragrace'. I will strip the car, tune it, change the tires, etc. Now you're left with a beast, that's literally a RAW one if you do that kinda thing with a camera. But... just about everything else sucks with the camera. Like in a normal car you would have airconditioning, GPS/entertainment, road suspension, tires and driveability, etc, like, comfort things, things that make it practical to drive. You can't shoot stills with the BMPCC. It goes through batteries like it's nothing. Screen is poor, audio is pretty darn bad, etc. It only has one task... and it's pretty brilliant at it. But the GH5, is the car that's unchanged. It is one that offers comfort and versatility at sacrifices some things for the sake of a better allround product. I wish they would offer us as well, like the A7S-series, a camera with a fairly low MP count and like the BMPCC with ProRes/RAW DNG recording, but we're just a small target audience that sees application for such a thing I guess.

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