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Dreamworld (documentary) shot on NX1


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My first Shooting forum post! 


It's all Samsung NX1 (except for a couple of  drone shots) with the Kinoseed bitrate hack (180mbs), using Andrew's Gamma DR profile. Lenses: Samsung 16-50 S, Rokinon 12mm and 85mm, plus some lensbaby. I used a couple LUTS by luts.iwltbap.com and FilmConvert in post. Filmed in 4K converted to ProRes for editing in Premiere. Yes, I know Premiere supports H.265, but I've had nothing but problems with H.265 files since the last update. Exported to 1080.

What's it about? 

What do you call a ghost town that still has people living there? This documentary is a peek into the world of some folks that live in what others call a "ghost town." Haunted kewpie doll, boot fence, dream cowboys, custom caskets, and stories of healing are all there in the Dreamworld.

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On 12/28/2016 at 5:48 PM, Cary Knoop said:

Great job, I enjoyed watching it!

Two questions for you:

Why did you decide not to upload your documentary in 4k? 

The black levels for the indoor shots are clipped and raised, I am curious as to why you did that?



Shot in 4K and delivered in 1080, so pans, zooms, and crops could be added in post (but then they mostly weren't. I wasn't the editor). We had to get a lot of shots in a short time frame, that's why we chose to add the movement in post.

Clipped blacks: Time crunch again as far as getting the edit done. The doc was for a class and part of the assignment is the quick turnaround. I'm not good enough at color correcting with scopes yet to get everything done in the time frame we had. Thanks for watching though!

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