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Gopro 4 black update!!


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9 hours ago, ReinisK said:

OMG (I have never written these 3 letters in an order like this before), Gopro's new update brings REAL manual exposure to hero 4 black! We can now adjust the shutter and iso and keep constant exposure!

Just wanted to share these great news :)

Yes, I was excited (after couple of years waiting) too but then I saw the way how they did it....    there are just few exposures options and not in photo mode. Why? Sometimes I just need to lock exposure and do not have variable ND filter and these predefined exposure values are too high. Why there is not some kind of slider or "+" and "-" on the screen with live preview (exposure values hidden in the menu - very clever idea).

Photo/timelapse mode - still without option to lock exposure. Or am I wrong?

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Sorry I meant to say 4k30P, no 60p actually !!!
Source is Photorumors you can go look at it, they pointed out the the leaked GoPro5 manual which I read entirely before it disappears. 

I can confirm you, manual video, RAW audio, stabilisation, Linear mode for aerial video, nice touchscreen. 
No 4k60p, and stabilisation only works in 2,7k

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