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Finally - a7s sensor in a video camera


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Guest Ebrahim Saadawi

The interesting thing I see the a7sII sensor in there can shoot 4:3 3840x2880 (hey anamorphic mode in an a7sii firmware?). Also for some reason Alexa-matching 2880x1920 resolution mode.

Your title got me excited. Immediately thought of a new VG900II with NDs/XLRs/Awesomebattery/A7sII 4K/IBIS/S-LOG.

Turns out an expensive 8000$+ scientific/surveillance camera module. 

I do see a lot of potential for it in industrial applications like surveillance of high-end facilities at night times


-International Harbors


-Wild-life Sanctuaries

-Military bases, Aircrafts/Humvees/Tanks/Ships

-Governmental Facilities (FBI/CIA/Congress/IRS) 

-Fabrication Plants of sensitive nature (weaponry/chemical)

and not to mention the vast potential applications I could see this implemented in my work, medical applications, like X-ray/CT/MRI sensors, Microscopes, Atomic medicine, dental imagery, open/endoscopic surgery, Data collection, endless possibilities for a small affordable industrial camera with visible information at 104.000 ISO as the A7s, because for some reason all of our readily available ones are unusable at 200/300ISOs and we still use them and lives depend on these. 

This could also find its way into regular surveillance of streets (Traffic-lights at night etc) but much less than the high-end applications due to the cost of body and lens. I wouldn't hang one of these and an 11-24mm f/4 L in a street or shop :) But aside from kidding several steel-cages with bullet-proof glass solutions exist even for these situations. 

Other scientific applications can really use this.

Overall, buyers are ENDLESS, I see a huge potential success with sales in the 6 figure numbers if not millions. It's the market share Canon wanted to take with the ME20F-SH camera but they went into too much trouble to create a extreme extreme extreme sensitivity 4 million ISO visible sensor while an extreme extreme sensitivity one like the 102000/200.000 visible ISO A7S would more than do the job and then some, and too much trouble creating a cinema-grade body (trust me it's Alexa-grade for an unknown reason!) while a little plasticy industrial camera module would do or in fact be better, at just 1/4 the cost of the Canon solution for the facilities and in a smaller print. 

To us, we have absolutely no use for this product as video shooters since the a7s exists. (While Maybe the 4 million ISO Canon would have a potential in videography/cinema since the FF 1080p sensor is not incorporated into a cheaper version - and it IS strangely gaining A LOT of attraction from broadcasters and cinema productions despite the horrendous price)

Anyway, nothing to see here. Move along. Until we get a VG900II we shouldn't see this title.



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At the least rolling shutter won't be a problem for this kind of camera.

Sony is making some big moves into the network / CCTV market.

To be honest it is about time these cameras got a better image, plenty of unsolved crimes due to dark, pixilated faces.

ME20F-SH is more for broadcast / TV market but yeah, the concept is similar to Canon's and price is cheaper, plus it is 4K.

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6 minutes ago, JurijTurnsek said:

FF depth of field seems out of place in a surveillance camera. Wouldn't a FS7 sensor make more sense and you could keep the lenses smaller and cheaper. Not to mention the APS-C powerzoom lenses ....

If they use wide angle as most would expect and focus is set to at least a few meters away, depth of field is a non-issue.

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1 minute ago, Phil A said:

If they use wide angle as most would expect and focus is set to at least a few meters away, depth of field is a non-issue.

If you'd use Samyang's 8mm on APS-C sensor, you can get hyper-focal results even at f2.8. The price would be a lot more reasonable and size would be more manageable too.

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