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Canon's new professional compact camcorders XA35 and XA30


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Still no 4k, but mentions a new sensor with better DR


For fast, compact, and powerful performance specially suited for on-the-go Electronic News Gathering (ENG) production, corporate videos and higher education, Canon's XA35 Professional Camcorder offers a remarkable combination of portability, image quality and I/O capability. Its HD/SD-SDI Terminal offers easy connectivity to broadcast vans, workstations and other digital cinema/TV hardware, helping to provide incredibly fast transfer of uncompressed video with timecode and audio embedded for rapid productions. Plus, with a Genuine Canon 20x High Definition Optical Zoom lens and a newly designed HD CMOS Pro Image Sensor with improved low-light performance, the XA35 captures superb Full HD 1920x1080 video. It features two new modes: Wide DR Gamma and Highlight Priority, which help to deliver an expansive range of colors and tones virtually consistent with how they're seen by the naked eye. A new interval recording option rounds out the XA35’s ability to capture dramatic footage on the fly with fast motion of up to 1200x the original speed. All this makes for a camcorder that helps facilitate speedy, outstanding-quality video capture that can be ideal for broadcast news, sports events, documentaries and other fast-moving recording situations.




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Wouldn't catch on with me because of its '1/2.84" sensor' and '1080p'. I like cinema camera like setups when it comes to filmmaking. So a body unit with the sensor tech. Then free choice of quality lenses for unique look depending on the style you need for the shoot. DSLR and mirrorless do a fine job without resorting to RED/ARRI/etc.

But yeah, for out in the field-type shooting as all-in-one setup with flexible zoomrange, IS, XLR interface etc, it looks alright. I always kinda think 'YouTube' when I see these XA's though. Like for action-type stuff such as skateboarding videos using a wide angle adapter on there.

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Same old story. A company releases a product for the people that dont want a DSLR or Cinema Camera. And the people that want DSLRs or Cinema Cameras get uppset.

And as usual lots of us simply wonder why? Is it so hard to understand that others might not need, use or want the same stuff as myself...? Why get upset? Why care?

Im not speaking about this thread but more the turn we all know threads like this takes sometimes.

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These cameras are obviously aimed at TV companies, Porn, Whatever etc... - something any Idiot, Runner or Researcher can use without really knowing too much about filming, a real plug'n'play. It's yet another upgrade to the very popular (back in the day) Z1 type camera - good if you need an all-in-one small camera that gives you broadcast quality picture & sound.

People don't get why companies make these things, but they are so popular in the TV world & beyond - they get the job done and sell like hot cakes, a simple, no brainer.

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This is basically the same as the XA20/25, but with a slightly tweaked sensor.

No doubt certain people still use stuff like this, but I doubt it is a hot seller. Personally I have never seen any of the G or XA cameras physically for sale anywhere, and I'm not even sure who would sell it in my city. I have a G30, but that was ordered directly from Canon.

Based on the overall specs of the new cameras the image quality and capabilities of the new cameras will be pretty much identical to the older generation. It has the same processor and seems to have the same lens. So I think really all this is is a repackaging of the XA20/25. This is pretty much par for course for Canon, they have done this all the time historically in the consumer lines of both cameras and camcorders.

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