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non rotating front element wide angle zoom?

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I'm trying to find a non rotating front element wide angle zoom, to use with my GH4 and my B&H Kowa 2x anamorphic lens.
From my "collection", I only seem to have the Minolta 35-70 macro and Zeiss CY 35-70 macro.
Both of the front elements rotate, sigh...

Anyone familiar with the native m43 lenses, Oly 12-40, and PL 12-35, do they rotate?

What about the Sigma Art 18-35/1.8 ?

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I asked the same thing a while back and got a couple suggestions in this thread.  There is also this thread, though the list doesn't specify whether or not the front elements rotate.

They're not native, but you might consider an old French zoom like Angenieux or Berthiot.  Not the sharpest, but sharp enough, and they're fast, parfocal, and the fronts don't rotate.  They can also be expensive — but if you're diligent you can find one in good shape at a good price.  I picked up an Angenieux 12-120mm f2.2 in immaculate condition for $150, if you can believe it.

If you find a lens that fits your needs, please post back here.  I'd be interested in what you find!

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IMO, >35mm can be used on m43, why choose zoom lens?  You might only use the longest end.  Usually prime lens has less vignette with the same focal length.   So 35mm prime lens is the first choice.  If you have to choose zoom lens, starting at 35mm, like 35-70, 35-105 etc.  Newer lens front thread usually is not rotating. 

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I think it is a problem to find something wide for Kowa and GH4. You should forget about zooms at all I think. The aformentioned Tokina is great with Isco 54 but has a 77mm thread. Don't cosider the Angenieux (I sold mine)... this is a very long lens and useless for your Kowa. You need a small zoom. Sometimes I use a the Pany 35-70 f2.8 with Iscorama for convenience. 35mm is the widest without vignetting. Maybey the 12-35 is wider because it is shorter but don't expect much. If you want wider you have to use primes.

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