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Parfocal Zoom on a Budget


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I'm looking for a zoom lens for my GH4 with the following characteristics so I can mount it on my Century Optics 1.33:

  • Parfocal
  • Front assembly does not rotate (needs to hold the adapter level)
  • As fast as possible (maybe in combo with speed booster)
  • Covering the focal length the adapter will allow
  • As affordable as possible

This would be for narrative filmmaking. I'm wondering there are any older/vintage zooms that might might fit the bill. They don't have to be perfect, but workable enough for me to get the practice & feel to see if I find it engaging enough to spend for some high quality glass down the road.

I know there are Vivitar f/2.8's that are parfocal, but I don't know which (if any) have a front assembly that remains stationary while zooming/focusing.  I also don't know what maximum focal length the DS-1609 adapter will allow.  I found several topics in these forums which mention parfocal options, but 1) most are roughly $600+ which is out of my price range, and 2) even if I can save enough $ for one of those, it is not clear if any of them have a front assembly which remains stationary during zooming.

Maybe there is no solution that will fit my budget, but I'm hoping there are some experienced Century+Zoom owners out there that can help.  


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lomo foton 37-140mm is exactly what you are wanting and even has an interchangeable mount. In fact it is designed to work with a anamorphic front as well. It is designed for s35 so not sure if it will cover the sensor. However with all lenses on a still camera there is the issue that you cannot adjust back focus. For a lens to be parfocal its flange focal distance must be correct which could be a problem. The foton does have a back focus adjustment as I recall.


I loved my foton before its aperture failed, they go for $600-$800.

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