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Anyone shooting with the Canon 6d yet


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[quote name="endlessthoughtsmedia" post="24234" time="1356920994"]Yes they are but they are no better then 5d2. [/quote] HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA no [quote name="ronjbase" post="24224" time="1356901964"]but what about the 6D.....???[/quote] I love everything about it and it shoots better video in low light than the c300. I originally purchased a Nikon d600 and had it boxed up to return quicker than it took to unbox. What is it about the 6d you want to know or unsure of?
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Haven't really put it through any scientific test yet, I would guess somebody online has. Look on some canon forums. There is progression being made everyday for Anti M/A filters and plugins so eventually these things will be a non issue.
I'd sell the MK3 and buy 2 6D ; )

I'll try and upload a shot I got with a subject lit by a lamp and the background is all black. Basically NO noise and I really couldn't believe it.
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