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  1. Not on an iPad but on an iPhone. I download MPEG files from my GH3 or GX7 via WiFi to my iPhone. Build the video in iMovie, ( which now let you place B-roll over narration) after the video is complete I uploaded it to our server via Videolicious. Which put a header and bug on it.
  2. Could you use a Juiced Link preamp for audio. Sounds like a decent camera for run n' gun , THANKS
  3. I've been using the 12mm Olympus for both still and video for over a year now, no isues with mine. it constantly amazes me on the quality of images and video i produce with this lens
  4. which camera are you using. I've been using the JuicedLink RM222 with the AT875 shotgun mic since March with my GH3, no regrets and great results. THe AT875 on the indoor interview. The Seinheisser ew100-ENG G3 system on the outdoor interview. all throughthe JuicedLink http://video.dallasnews.com?freewheel=90850&sitesection=dallasnews_nws_non_non&VID=25133146
  5. I've been using the GH3 since March and only had one issue with moire, a black and white floral shirt in bright sunlight. The moire issue in the Gh3 is over blown IMHO.
  6. Or the MPEG files maybe. We are using Videolicious at work now. This is a basic editng editng software that lets you put B-roll over narration and uploads to our server via their Cloud. Adds bumpers and eveything. a basic video can be doneon the iPhone with FilMicPro and olloclip lenses. But the GH3 obiviously offers much more control.
  7. Thanks, Shooting 50Mbps inthe .mov mode hope that doesn't make a difference.  Will have to try that... figured it was something simple.
  8. Agree with richg101, yes Zucato is expensive, but worth it. Customer service is topnotch. My Zfinder wouldn't stay connected to the zframes. I had one of the original, prefog models. Sent them an emai, had a new "skirt' as they called it with-in 5 business days.
  9. The local Olympus told me that the powers that be at Olympus was aware of the lack of video features on the E-M5 and was saving the features we need for the professional model. Let's hope.....
  10. ronjbase

    EF > M4/3?

    I have the RRM adapter, the one with the 9 volt external battery pack. When it works,it works fine. Not for run an d gun scenarios , on a tripod with stationary speakers. NOT WORTH THE $600 i paid for it, First day on trying it out, my lens wouldn't release. had to go back to RRM. Then a month later the cable broke. If was was under $300 , i would buy it. Hoping Metabones makes a non Speedbooster  EF-to m4/3 live mount.
  11. Either the 12-35mm or the 25mm F1.4 lens & the Olympus 12mm. Working on getting a full set of primes since I'm doing a lot of both stills and video at the same time. Dream still kit would be to add the new 17mm Olympus along with their 45mm and 75mm plus the new GX7. Played with the GX7 last week, this is a serious still machine. Images look good up to 6400 ISO, useable at 12,800. 
  12. Just import from card the only items check off in the import settings box are in the Transcoding choices , both are checked
  13. I've been using the GH3 for video & stills since March, no issues. Did play with the Lumix GX7 the other day. It does better at high ISO's than the GH3. Will definetly be added a GX7 to my arsenal. LInk to  a slide done with the GH3 yesterday.     http://www.dallasnews.com/entertainment/restaurants/photos/20130824-check-out-the-mouthwatering-doughnuts-at-glazed-donut
  14. When I import my GH3 files into FCPX the clips names are change to the event name. Is there a way to prevent this, would like to keep the original file nameif possible. Thanks in advance.
  15. I've been using the GH3 for several months now. ( Staff photographer at The Dallas Morning News) Use the Natural film mode. Only had aliasing one time. Subject was wearing a plaid sports coat and a striped tie a deadly combo for any video camera IMHO. also been using the WiFi feature for transmitting images to the paper's web site during spot news. Love the camera and system.
  16. @AaronChicago, I'm using both the 12-35 and the 35-100 mm lens on my GH# for several months now. Love em both. I use the Natural film mode for  both in stills and video.
  17. good point, not allowed to post these videos on Vimeo or You Tube, bosses want the advertising hits.
  18. Think the GH3 handled this situation very well. between the suits ,ties and LED's. Sorry for the color balance, the lights kept pulsing, the AWB couldn't keep up, picking a single lighting balance was worse.       http://www.dallasnews.com/video/bc/?bcid=2369299246001  
  19. I've been using the GH3 for ENG work for the last month,having a lot of fun with the set up, still keeping the Canon 5D Mark III for low light situations. I have the 12-35mm plus the 35-100mm great combo. Using the JuicedLink RM222 with the Audio-Technica AT875 with great results. Here's a few links     http://www.dallasnews.com/video/?freewheel=90850&sitesection=dallasnews&VID=24741956       http://www.dallasnews.com/video/?freewheel=90850&sitesection=dallasnews&VID=24745529
  20. Great review, been using the Gh3 for about a month now, agree with everything you said. Plus after 35years in the business, It's easy on the back.... Hpong a fim ware upgrade with help with the lowlight issue down the road....
  21. FCP7 won't let me  open a file that is Media Manage from my GH3 videos. It gives me the sequence, all the files like normal. When I try to open the video I get General Error and when I hit the OK button I get out of memory. Please help.
  22. What is the crop factor for micro FourThird lenses, does anybody know?  
  23. I've use the Olympus 12mm & 17 mm all the time. I also picked up a used 75-150mm F4.0 OM Olympus lens for a $100 with a fotodiox adapter, works great. Also I happen to love the new zoom lenses, 12-35 /2.8 and the 35-100mm/2.8. Use them in the Natural profile when shooting video, the look great. Bet thing about the micro FourThirds is just about anything lens can be made to fit the GH2/Gh3 with the proper adapter.
  24. ronjbase


    Second Think Tank... But a bag is a very personal choice, like a rig,  
  25. I'd love to show up  at a press conference with one,LOL  
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