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EOSHD's top 5 cameras of 2012

Andrew Reid

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The fact of the matter is that the BMCC IS out in 2012. Just because you dont have one doesnt mean it doesnt exist :P

The trouble is that once the BMCC actually ships the topography of the camera selections will be different than the 'thoretical' situation of a theoretically shipable camera in a non theoretical year. 2012 ;) In the time it takes a company liek BMC to ship ONE flagship product, the big three are scurrying to ship a half dozen cameras. That's exactly the trouble with RED, they can't keep up and instead, tip thier hand to the big boys. Which is wonderful, but not for BMC

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It's quite ironic to see that here we have the five best cameras for video in 2012, and four of them are actually for stills.

Just imagine what will happen whent the big three wake up and realise, the transition period is OVER and they must deliver a small form-factor video centric camera that's not yet another tired DSLR shape. MOST shooters of stills, including retired me, only really needs an 8-12 MP compact for stills. If I was shooting stills for money, I'd rent a Hassy Digital. For now, My stupid coolpix cameras refuse to die.

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RX100 was my favorite of the year. Though I used the FS700 more, the RX100 is just awesome for its feature balance. OM-D E-M5 (wins worst name of the year easily) has the best stabilisation. Canon protect their lens IS by not including sensor based IS, which stings. I would love to see a BMD-style camera with OM-D EM-5 style 5-axis sensor stabilisation.


For me the point of DSLR was small size combined with high quality. Great stabilisation helps so much with video in small form factors...

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You watch. Best Compact HD Video of 2013 will be in a category of its own, like the BMCC but with a forward looking strategy. BMCC sensor choice and the fact that SSD's will esentially go away and CF card sized SSD drives will be the next big thing.
The big question is which company is going to introduce the 'next dark horse'I am totally clueless who it will be.

When the Panasonic GH3 was rumored in Early Summer of 2012, I PRAYED hard it would not be an upgrade to the GH2 but rather a new camera concept. Nope! Egg on Panasonic's Product Devlopment team's face!
They had better get it right in 2013 or Panasonic will be relegated to making lenses only after that ;)

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