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GH3, Finally, In Stores


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I believe some people already have the GH3, in their hands (those must the guys who pre-ordered). It is, apparently, supposed to hit stores, by this Monday.

I am guessing, that, by Monday evening, there will be a Lot of videos, from the GH3, doing the rounds,

I am sure the video quality is almost the exactly the same, as recent videos, which, btw, is pretty good.

I am, actually, curious to know the quality of the plug-in mic, the wi-fi speed and app, and the other extras.
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You could try the GH2 (with the 14-42 lens) on Amazon. There was an amazing Black Friday deal, om Amazon, where the GH2 + the 14-42 lens was for $499. I am guessing, it's gone now. Though the same kit, is still at a decent $749 at Both B&H and Amazon (and around the same price, at other places, too).
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My GH3 was delivered on Saturday morning. I've been shooting with it as much as I can over the weekend.

The image quality is outstanding.

I don't have the plug in mic, so I can't help you there.
The wi-fi app speed is pretty good. There is some lag but it's usable as a reference monitor for clients or a director, definitely not a replacement for an external monitor when shooting though.

Might as well set the ball rolling with the test footage ;)

[indent=1][b]Stained Glass, Bare Wood[/b][/indent]

~ Mike
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[quote name='markm' timestamp='1353881982' post='22276']
Mike Why'd you do that? I need to see people different places lighting conditions focal lengths NOT closeups on stained glass! Please try again!
Have you got some 16mm lenses to test with a monitor plugged in or maybe even a prores recorder?

geeez dude, it's his camera, he can shoot whatever he wants lol
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