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  1. [quote name='Zach' timestamp='1354037243' post='22460'] Where exactly did you find your GH3? I would like to buy one :) [/quote] I got mine from here: http://www.wexphotographic.com/search/?q=panasonic%20gh3 Based in the UK. They don't seem to have any in stock right now :(
  2. [quote name='haarec' timestamp='1353924139' post='22302'] Is it a crop mode in video settings in GH3 as it was in GH2? [/quote] Yes. That's in there, seems to work exactly the same as on the GH2.
  3. [quote name='Zach' timestamp='1353905095' post='22291'] Weather sealing is a huge plus for me as well! Able to comment on low light/high iso performance yet? Would love to see a comparison to the GH2 and know if its improved [/quote] Still need to experiment more with low light shooting, but from the little bit I've done it feels cleaner at high ISO than the GH2 (hacked or not). I saw this video online yesterday, which shows off the high ISO performance: [b]GH3 real ISO 1600 - 3200[/b] https://vimeo.com/53786898 Please note, I didn't shoot this!
  4. Haha, sorry markm. It's a test for me more than anything else! I'm sure there will be plenty of variety in shots/lenses as people post more videos over the coming weeks. If I get a chance to upload any more tests with the things you mentioned, you'll be the first to know.
  5. Thanks very much guys :) I had the hacked GH2 before this and I feel that the GH3 handles dynamic range and sharpness a little bit better. I'll admit though it's not a huge leap when you consider the price difference. However features like the headphone jack, OLED screen (which looks gorgeous, much easier to focus from), wi-fi functions and 1080 50fps shooting help justify the upgrade for me. Not to mention what [i]could[/i] happen if the GH3 ever gets hacked! Not too sure about the moire. I've noticed it on any of my shots, but I still need to shoot more to know for sure.
  6. [b]Stained Glass, Bare Wood[/b] https://vimeo.com/54234207 Picked up the GH3 this weekend. I owned the GH2 since day one and was very impressed with it. So far the GH3 has been even better, some of the best quality DSLR footage I've seen. I'm looking forward to finding more about what this little camera can do. ~ Mike
  7. My GH3 was delivered on Saturday morning. I've been shooting with it as much as I can over the weekend. The image quality is outstanding. I don't have the plug in mic, so I can't help you there. The wi-fi app speed is pretty good. There is some lag but it's usable as a reference monitor for clients or a director, definitely not a replacement for an external monitor when shooting though. Might as well set the ball rolling with the test footage ;) [indent=1][b]Stained Glass, Bare Wood[/b][/indent] [indent=1]https://vimeo.com/54234207[/indent] ~ Mike
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