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Questions regarding buying a GH2

Jon de Zwaan

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Yep, if you just take the footage from the camera, there are just slight improvements with less macroblocking at flowing water or motion looks slightly more natural. But its not a huge change. You have more opportunities though with grading the hacked material.

But i agree i doubt even the setting developers can tell all their settings apart. I would stick with unhacked, until you notice anything you dont like, then try a hack and see if that helps...my 0,02 $

Also the unified hack is not a very stable one. You might want to try something like flowmotion. You can get it on personal view (http://personal-view.com/talks/discussion/3337/gh2-flow-motion-v2-100mbps-fast-action-performance-reliability-for-class-10-sd-cards/p1)

Or try sanity v5.
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