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Nikon d600 full-frame


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[url="http://***URL removed***/previews/nikon-d600/"]http://***URL removed***/previews/nikon-d600/[/url]


Out today for about 2000 in the UK...
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We´re following the same stuff, buddy;) Decision making getting harder and harder... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syosR-AoBh8&feature=player_embedded

yes please. Im leaning d600 right now. i dont think this camera is getting near enough attention.

[quote name='EOSHD' timestamp='1348176270' post='18759'] Moire and aliasing is certainly there on the D600 as much as the D800. Seems similar looking at my footage. [/quote] Well damn.

[quote name='jgharding' timestamp='1347542634' post='17892']
It's only Canon now who don't give an uncompressed out via HDMI... Nikon and Sony are there now.

Jgharding, very good point. People will start to switch over to the competitor DSLR's and it could end up too late for Canon. They better hurry.
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[quote name='FilmMan' timestamp='1347563486' post='17916']
The camera is going for around $2000. The clarity is amazing especially for the price. This could turn into the "Indie" camera. Look at 1:36 of the video, guy driving. Nice skin tones and range. Imagine a better lens on this baby with the uncompressed hdmi. Wow. Good stuff Nikon!!!

Made a mistake. Was referring to this video.
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[i]Heh Heh Same sensor as the sony 99 Same hdmi output too. The fight to claw back the market from Black Magic has begun in earnest. When they win we get the consumer prize in a few years of back to cripple heaven.[/i]

[i]If Sony provides Nikons sensor they must have some sort of working agreement going on. Nikon could easily give us 10 bit uncompressed out as they have no high end to protect. So why dont they. [/i]

[i]One bit of advice I would give to Black Magic and all those who want to take on the big boys. Don't tell anyone until the cameras are ready to ship. Remember the old saying "Loose lips sing ships."[/i]

[i]However I think Black Magic have a product that squashes out of existant any of the offerings from all the manufacturers as far as picture quality goes. That is a fact that shouldnt get overlooked in the horses for courses arguments and quickness of post as well as the battery type arguments. To me PICTURE IS KING and that crown goes to the BMC.[/i]
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