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Phil Blooms Black Magic Camera review


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why is everybody so upset about the battery?
red: handle to hold the batteries and 3 batteries (to get to the same 90min the BMC runs) is 950+195+195+195....half the price of the BMC...
yes it would be nice if there was a little door and one could simply swap....would add size, and price to the BMC package....
90 min really isn't so bad...and it seems like everybody will rig this up anyway...
this really should be looked at as a bonus....you will never run out of power during a shoot! when the batterypack dies, just put in another one, the camera will keep rolling!
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@markm excellent observation ... and surprise from BMD ... http://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/blackmagiccinemacamera BMC with MTF ...

The review is invaluable for all who already bought the BMCC and for those who consider it for the future. You shouldn't underestimate the problems though. Somebody wrote (or did PB say it in the vide

Focus assist - it has peaking and a punch in zoom doesn't it?

[quote name='markm' timestamp='1347267295' post='17682']
The sun is a nightmare practical light that constantly changes all the time. Imagine your house light dimming brightening and moving. Controlling it working with it is a massive part of the job on a film set. Happy times spent for sound waiting for aircraft to pass and clouds to move let alone setting lights reflectors and all sorts of stuff to get the picture right.

Yea... I know... I was just kiddin'
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[quote name='EOSHD' timestamp='1347317501' post='17735']The U2711 and Cinema Display are both high end displays, they are a big leap in terms of resolution, contrast and colour from your average monitor.[/quote]The Apple Cinema Display & the Dell UltraSharp U2711 apparently use the same panel. The Thunderbolt version is neat as it is effectively a docking station for your MacBook with 3xUSB ports a FW800 port GB Ethernet port and a Thunderbolt port for daisy-chaining.
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[quote name='Tim' timestamp='1347465519' post='17843']
Do you have to use and SSD or could you use a 2.5inch HDD, with much larger capacities. Even use a hybrid drive to get the speeds up if it needed it?

It only runs on SSD, no HDD slot available since the write speed I believe.
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