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  1. the overall ratings of cameras are based on how well they perform in different areas, so one camera might not be the best in any criteria but might still be the "best" all around...the A7RII is a pretty good example.... as for the helium ratings, i believe they are based on raw capture off the sensor, the problem is that all red files are always compressed....the weapon helium probably starts at 5:1 and it goes up from there (depending on cropping, fps,...) this makes a big difference.... in all fairness, anyone can go to red.com, download raw files (in different sizes and compressi
  2. well i guess we have an official answer now: the Vlog is optimized for HDMI 10bit out.... http://blog.planet5d.com/2015/11/from-leica-directly-heres-whats-happening-with-l-log-on-the-sl/ i would still love to see LUT support.....but i guess if they assume that nobody will use the Vlog with internal recording, it makes sense to not provide internal LUT support, the external recorder will most have LUTs anyway.... now if we could only have internal 10bit...hmm....the new sd II cards R/W 290mb/sec should be fast enough? and the processor (maestro II) can do it in the S (which is listed as having
  3. i saw the "problem" the second i switched log on in camera....so flat, it takes some getting used to get focus....BUT i found the files i shot graded really well...great color, great tones, no banding at all.....i understand what the histogram looks like and i agree there as well that it does not look right at all...but again, to me, as long as the final graded clip looks great? i think the real problem is that there is no LUT implementation of any kind in camera....at least in the finder...it would make exposure and focus a lot easier.... there is also this test on news shooter: http://www.ne
  4. i heard really good things about the 10bit HDMI output to a 7Q+ and got a chance to play with the SL and shoot some clips....my experience is very different then what is described in this review....i found the internal (4k non log) video horrible but then i haven't shot anything non log in a long time, i did (and do) find the internal vlog pretty amazing....yes, it is really flat but as far as i can tell it holds up better then (let's say) internal A7(r,s)II slog in grading....color especially is really nice and at lowest iso the files are some of the cleanest i have ever seen...i can't judge
  5. [quote name='Chriss' timestamp='1347526295' post='17879'] From the first look- i think the Nikon has done much better. Better even than the D800. [/quote] the sensor in the D800 is a sony sensor...i am assuming that the D600 has the same sensor as the A99....
  6. [quote name='Skyler' timestamp='1347390256' post='17782'] Almost funny but not useful here :P. With technology, there is always better coming. Tell me something I don't know. Thanks [/quote] which is exactly what he is saying....
  7. yes...but wait for the one coming out in 18 months! sorry....i can't say anymore....just wait....it will blow the one coming in 9 months completely out of the water......trust me....
  8. why is everybody so upset about the battery? red: handle to hold the batteries and 3 batteries (to get to the same 90min the BMC runs) is 950+195+195+195....half the price of the BMC... yes it would be nice if there was a little door and one could simply swap....would add size, and price to the BMC package.... 90 min really isn't so bad...and it seems like everybody will rig this up anyway... this really should be looked at as a bonus....you will never run out of power during a shoot! when the batterypack dies, just put in another one, the camera will keep rolling!
  9. [quote name='Axel' timestamp='1346921577' post='17432'] Don't know if this was posted somewhere else already, cause I don't read everything: [media]http://vimeo.com/48861294[/media] What do you think? My 2 cents: Silly story, some rolling shutter, apparently no noise problems. [/quote] saw this before....hard to tell anything from this....i can only look at this as a complete waste of time and money....light is horrible, flat, there is no mood, unless you like latin soap, every shot and set up looks unbelievably unimaginative to me, i feel bad about
  10. this looks like early Phase DMF backs, like the P20 or leica m8 to me....no AA filter will give you more detail, a much sharper image but sometimes all this come back in horrible (sometimes unfixable) moire in certain fabrics or tight structures....i have to say that it sometimes was a problem when shooting still catalog under studio flash lights.....i do not have a frame of it showing up outside, although i have seen samples online (think the screen of the window air conditioner in a window on a wide shot...zoomed in at 100%)..... i doubt anyone will ever see this anywhere with motion and li
  11. the best thing about thunderbolt is that you are not stuck with internal HDs and cards anymore...there is so much bandwidth that it makes more sense to just get external enclosures (especially with ssd prices coming down) and bypass the internal HD....ram is getting cheaper as well.... buy the latest and greatest iMac, sell yours on ebay, get thunderbolt externals and sell/upgrade to the newest/best imac next year again....i have done this for the last 3 years and because of mac high resale (and apple care) i never lose more then a couple of 100$ but it gets me the fastest tool every yea
  12. [quote name='bradleyg5' timestamp='1346660617' post='17207'] 2.5k is not as impressive when you say [font=arial, sans-serif]2432 x 1366 vs 1920x1080. Really doesn't give you a ton of room to crop, would be useful for stabilization but you certainly not going to significantly recompose a shot with 512x284 pixels of headroom.[/font] [font=arial, sans-serif]Honestly I think shooting in RAW would limit creativity more than it would enable it, you'd need to have a much tighter and scripted workflow and you couldn't be overshooting or experimenting too much.[/
  13. [quote name='Bruno' timestamp='1346607747' post='17175'] Price and specs is not all there is to a camera, in the end it's all about the image they produce AND the usability. Do you really think any serious DP on a high budget film would go with a camera that's limited to EF lenses??? Some of the best DPs of our times have only made the switch to digital after the Alexa came out, and this was even before it shot raw. The RED never convinced them, but the Alexa images they saw up on the screen together with its on set workflow finally did it for them. Don&
  14. [quote name='Xiong' timestamp='1346536622' post='17124'] Any chance you can elaborate? I like to know more about what you cam across using the scarlet. [/quote] a couple of things turned me off the scarlet and made me cancel my order... crop factor....the red sensor gets smaller and smaller as you shoot higher frame rates....that concept is just strange to me but it goes right along with the second issue i have with red....the higher and higher raw compression they use to get higher frame rates....a lot of the footage from the scarlet would have been highly compre
  15. again, coming from a still background....there are jpegs and there are jpegs....set the compression to 7, choose sRGB and don't even start to think about touching the file in any way....set it to 12 and you get a little more to work with.... a 16bit TIFF is a LOT bigger then the raw file it was baked out of but still does not have the same latitude.... RED is funny because red code compression gets pretty strong (even if it is still technically raw) and when you are shooting 1:10 i would hardly compare that raw file to even a 1:3 compression.... so raw is not always the same quality as
  16. i honestly haven't thought about how much more disk space i will end up using....there is no question for me that i will shoot raw only...raids are getting cheaper and online backup is cheap and unlimited (and upload speeds on fios are great).... yes it will end up eating TBs like crazy.... on the other hand a project ending up being 30 min long (15TB raw footage) should be worth 1000$ (5x3TB at 200$) in storage (back up online).... or shoot prores or something else...but honestly i would get the fs100 or fs700 for all non raw shooting....the BMCC compressed modes might stil
  17. i am a still shooter and so i find the discussion funny....raw is a no brainer....yes, it has drawbacks but the advantages more then make up for it....afaik the only people shooting jpegs are journalists whi have to beam the image back as the event is still going on...everybody else shoots raw....for good reason... one of the reasons the red is so popular in commercial settings is that each raw frame is also a possible still photo for advertising/promotional/web/who knows....add to this that by taking one (or more) frames out, the look of the still and moving image is the same...huge advant
  18. i actually adjusted the raw dngs in aperture and accessed the adjusted files directly within fcpx.... these files look so much better (organic but still crisp without a hint of digital) then anything i have seen from sony (fs100, next, a77) canon (5dII, 5Diii) and nikon (d800)....i had the BMCC on order but cancelled when the fs700 was announced.... the BMCC at 30fps with twixtor should make (reasonable 50/60fps) slo-mo no problem.... i think the still files are even good enough for web and some limited print work (i am mostly a still guy....) res'd up a vertical crop in genuine fractal
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