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  1. [quote name='pss' timestamp='1347384788' post='17780'] yes...but wait for the one coming out in 18 months! sorry....i can't say anymore....just wait....it will blow the one coming in 9 months completely out of the water......trust me.... [/quote] Almost funny but not useful here :P. With technology, there is always better coming. Tell me something I don't know. Thanks
  2. Hey! I was checking BMCC oriented videos on Vimeo yesterday when I stumbled across: [media]http://vimeo.com/49131207[/media] This guy seems to be in the know and quietly declares [between 03:26 and 03:32 in the video] that there is something hotter than the BMCC coming nine months from now. Super 35 from BlackMagic Design? One of the big boys' answer to this fantastic camera? The former journalist in me can't help to wonder. Anybody has hints? Skyler
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