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More professional Panasonic GH3 with 80Mbit codec and preview of coming attractions

Andrew Reid

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Didn't mean to start the 5D Mark III controversy all over again. I got the Mark III by default (Mark II was stolen) and for my purposes, video for The Dallas Morning News' web site, it serves me find, considering my audience is the iPad. I would like to play around with sharpening for possible commercial jobs and or weddings What are good places to start for using FCP7. I also decided I'm going to use the Mark III for news type assignments and my GH2 for features when I have my time to work on an assignment. But then again, the features of the GH3 that Andrew too wrote about really have me intrigue ....... So everything might change in the fall.....
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[img]http://www.eoshd.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Rewo-gh2-cage-on-set.jpg[/img] Photokina is less than a month away now and it is going to be a busy time. I will be there to get my hands on the

It would be amazing if the GH3 has an 80Mbit Intra-frame codec. If not, then at least I hope it has clean, recordable 4:2:2 24p out the HDMI port to use with an external recorder. If it can do eithe

[quote name='vincegortho' timestamp='1345918601' post='16474'] So the GH3 is staying micro 4/3 sensor size then? I ask because, so many people gave panasonic grief about it's small sensor size.[/quo

Some great new cameras coming!

I just wanted to say, don't count out Canon or Nikon yet. Yes, Canon basically dropped the ball with their lack of updates to video featuers on their DSLRs but I am highly anticipating Photokina for the 60D and 7D replacements. There have been rumors going around of those cameras having much beefed up video features, hopefully including an improved sensor for low-light, less aliasing, moire, and the inclusion of 1080p 60p. If Canon can add more detail and sharpness to their somwhat soft cameras, they'll be winners. Many people own several Canon lenses, and they have that advantage over Sony and M43. I know I don't want ot invest in M43 or Sony lenses, and I'm sure there are several others also.

If there's a metabones adapter for M43 coming, well then the game will change once more.

Also, Nikon is heavily rumored to come out with a CHEAP full frame DSLR. If they can eliminate more and aliasing problems and still deliver uncompressed hdmi out, it will be amazing.

Lastly, I was wondering if the VG900 means the VG30 is not coming? They would share roughly the same space....
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Jesus man. I don't have the patience for assholes and you're a better man than i am. I'd have probably been daydreaming the final scene in Jay and Silent Bob, where they seek out all the shit talkers on the blogs and beat the piss out of them. Half of those guys probably assumed you wouldn't see their comments anyway. So then it becomes an issue of pussies. Sorry, but people are less prone to say this stuff to your face... I could never run a blog. People get too damn hateful and disrespectful...(over a camera?)... And what can you do about it? E-bitchslap them? Nobody has any respect anymore.

I didn't know this was originally conceived as a marketing website for your films, but that's cool man. I think you need to push your work more on your site. I'm not trying to tell you what to do by any means, but your blog draws more attention than your films it seems.

You ever think about putting the assholes aside for a while and doing a feature narrative? I know a trash talking blog probably isn't your idea of living the dream & you write books for Gods sake. You know how to do it right, lol
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Damn, now i dont need any soap operas anymore. Where does all this negativity come from? If people just learned to relax a little bit and dont take themselves too fucking important, the world would be a better place.

I think you should keep your style Andrew. Maybe add a spoon full of self-criticism. And yes, your style can be offensive and may piss some people off. Just learn some serenity towards their reactions. Its a waste of ressources to jump on everything they say.
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i like how some of them compare "civilized" sites vs EOSHD .... yes "civilized" because if u said something that is not in line with site guru opinion u get kick out... i dont have problem we rough and dramatic clash of opinion ... we are adults , we can handle it...
so back on topic my comment is : bring it on :)
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Yeah I am all for strong opinions and different ones to mine and when I counter the argument with a tough one of my own, that is often my style. It does definitely mean we can shake hands afterwards and an opinion should not count against someone. Fair play, respect, judge someone by their work not their opinions or political views I say. When it gets personal, people doing these character assassinations like it is gang warfare it really sucks.
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As excited as I am for the GH3, I'm really hoping that Panasonic delivers us this mutation: [url="http://www.43rumors.com/hot-patent-panasonic-working-on-a-compact-micro-four-thirds-videocamera-with-sliding-grip/"]http://www.43rumors....h-sliding-grip/[/url]

In a perfect world, it's the GH3 with a micro four-thirds sensor minus that photography bit (for the most part) but plus some additional video performance.

(Of course, this is where somebody tells me that it has been debunked as a late April Fools joke).
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Hi...I have been trawling the net looking for more info on the GH3 (read most of whats out there)
Anyway I stumbled across the 6 pages at dvxuser, and I was shocked and disgusted at some of the peoples attitudes there...especially in attacking Andrew.
Honestly that Donald Ong and dcloud..and a couple of others dont realise what this looks like from the outside, they just came across as real...ass...les!!
Anyway I bought a GH2 and I love the film image (I mainly shoot and develop music clips), now we have 2 Canons also (not 5DMk2 or 3's)...but if the 5DMk3's image was what I was after for video I would buy one tommorrow, but it's not, all the footage I have seen just lacks the detail I want, so I am looking to the Gh3 probably as the BM Camera seems pretty mac orientated for what I need and although RAW is great but I really dont want that much data space taken up.
So its probably the GH3 or the next generation of Sony cameras.
So anyway thanks Andrew for your site, I like your articles, that thread really put me off DVX user, they are worse than most of the severe elitists at gearslutz, and many of the other forums on the net...unbelievable really.
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