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  1. @Andrew Can you please ask Panasonic to produce an adapter for Canon to M43 with AF, IS, and aperture control? I want to buy the GH3 so very much but I have Canon lenses. Additionally, I love photography as well as video so AF support is important.
  2. If full frame isn't essential, I suggest waiting for the 70d, which should be coming within a few months. It will probably have a new APS-C sensor, and maybe some improvements to video function.
  3. [quote name='Simco123' timestamp='1347739198' post='18161'] Its not like you need a camera either. Sorry the free version you are alluding to is a demo. If Resolve is not included with the BMC then its is less value for money. [/quote] No, the free version is not a demo. It is a fully functioning software. The only things it can't do is work with RAW footage and it lacks the noise reduction feature.
  4. Yes, what happened to the Birger? The one thing holding me from buying a GH3 is that I don't want to use M43 lenses. I can't use them on any other system and they're hard to resell, not to mention they're too expensive and it's hard to find used ones. Vintage doesn't even exist. If someone can come out with a reasonably priced adapter which allows me to use my Canon lenses with support for IS, autofocus (for photography), and in body aperture, I will be the first in line. PLEASE do this! Until then, I have my hope on upcoming Canon such as the 70D. If they do something similar to the GH3 in terms of video I'm all for it.
  5. Some great new cameras coming! I just wanted to say, don't count out Canon or Nikon yet. Yes, Canon basically dropped the ball with their lack of updates to video featuers on their DSLRs but I am highly anticipating Photokina for the 60D and 7D replacements. There have been rumors going around of those cameras having much beefed up video features, hopefully including an improved sensor for low-light, less aliasing, moire, and the inclusion of 1080p 60p. If Canon can add more detail and sharpness to their somwhat soft cameras, they'll be winners. Many people own several Canon lenses, and they have that advantage over Sony and M43. I know I don't want ot invest in M43 or Sony lenses, and I'm sure there are several others also. If there's a metabones adapter for M43 coming, well then the game will change once more. Also, Nikon is heavily rumored to come out with a CHEAP full frame DSLR. If they can eliminate more and aliasing problems and still deliver uncompressed hdmi out, it will be amazing. Lastly, I was wondering if the VG900 means the VG30 is not coming? They would share roughly the same space....
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