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I was sad to see on the BBC News today that British Director Tony Scott has died.
I'm sure we are all familiar with his work , he was one of the few British Directors to have multiple Hollywood hit films. His films with Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer in the 80's are classics and pioneered the 'High Concept Genre'.

The Scott Brothers with their company Scott Free (Sir Ridley Scott) have been a huge part of the British Film Industry over the past 40 years
including a sucessful bid to continue to keep Shepperton Studios running here in the UK in the 90's.

Put on 'Top Gun' turn up the Sound track

we salute you Tony.......

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Loved some of his movies (including Top Gun!), even though I am more interested in the more 'arty' camp of his brother rather than the rock 'n roll of Tony, he was a great guy and will be sadly missed. Such a sad way to end a great life.

Update: Apparently he had a terminal illness and chose to end it before he became a burden to his family and unable to life life to the full. He went out on his own accord and of his choosing, typical of the guy I'd say. RIP mate
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Tony knew how to frame tension like a God. Watch the argument Will Smith has with his wife on Enemy of the State when things really heat up. Denzel Washington and Gene Hackman. Or the end all be all: Christopher Walken and Dennis Hopper's scene on True Romance.

Not too big of a fan of his subtitled flash photography duo.. (Domino, Man on Fire... Too complicated). Although Man on Fire was a hell of a movie. Close-ups!! Moody.. The scene in Crimson Tide, darken ship. The rotating amber light on The actors faces through the red light. Convincing Vigo Mortensen to turn against Denzel Washington. He could pull every ounce of emotion out of them because he left them nothing to hide behind when you could see their pores perspiring.
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