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  1. for greenscreen the best is anything with 4:2:2 so ... no DSLR and a Camcorder with 4:2:2 starts at 2000€ so I would wait and by a BMCC
  2. Low Light of the RX100 will be extremely hard to beat! Especially concidering how bad Pana with its camcorders at this
  3. 12mm f2 will be delicious on the bmc plse let us have a ef m4/3 adapter!?
  4. This would be amazing!!! then we could get the zuiko 12mm f2!!!!!!!!! or at least the pana 20mm 1.7
  5. alexander


    I liked his stuff lil more then Ridleys ... my favorite is Man on fire. Ridley is more of the visual guy not so much the story teller like his brother! RIP
  6. [b] [url="http://www.eoshd.com/comments/user/18253-marcuswolschon/"]marcuswolschon[/url][/b] Dont have a GH2 here but because the GH 2 is 16-235 this isnt much of a problem with blown highlights. On a Sony using this fix u get much more highlight detail... and overall dynamic range (about 3-4 stops) because of 16-255.
  7. The Part with the Blacks u shouldnt do! Only do the Highlights... necause the fs100 is 16-255 the blacks are recognized spot on by Premiere. Only the Highlights need fixing!
  8. [b] [url="http://www.eoshd.com/comments/user/13863-hmcindie/"]hmcindie[/url] [/b] [b] [/b] U r not getting this are u ... Mac and Windows have same issues with sonys avchd output files. This beacause the files are 16-255. so u get unnatural roll off in highlights and less dynamic range due to clipping them. U have to bring them back with the fast colour corrector!
  9. O dont have FCP x only PPro so Fix is for P Pro cs5.5 cs6
  10. I dont know if PPRO is using quicktime to nativly deal AVCHD 2.0 files from the NEX. I dont think it does. Only with encoding u could choose h.264 to encode the output files ...but i use quicktime photjpeg because it gives the best quality ... Most people use 5d to rgb because of the clipping... never heard about noise issues... and also Premiere Pro uses CUDA for AVCHD are u saing that PPro uses quicktime APIs in windows too? Because if what ur saing is true for just MAC systems then MAC users schould use 5dto RGB then... But in windows I have never ever heared of such problems with Noise because of Premiere using Quicktime API and also have never seen such a problem The Problem discussed in this thread is clipping ... not Andrew, Yellow, me or other user talked about this "noise issue" ur talking about. If there really is som noise issue well then let us discuss it. But when it comes to the conversion of rgb then I can assure u PPro is doing it nativly with 32bit percision, it does it LIVE when u pusch the sliders in the Fast Colour Corrector. 5dtoRGb is same conversion step but just fixed and also 32 bit
  11. there u go [url="http://www.eoshd.com/comments/topic/661-how-mac-osx-still-screws-your-gh2-fs100-nex-footage-a-must-read/page__st__60"]http://www.eoshd.com...ad/page__st__60[/url] there are a few posts look at the second one If u have questions about after effects workflow just ask here.
  12. AdR i dont get it ... what do u think, that 3dtoRGB uses some extraterrestrial technology and converts better then Premiere Pro 32bit engine?
  13. [b] [url="http://www.eoshd.com/comments/user/20701-adr/"]AdR[/url] actually harddrives are much more expensive then in 2010...[/b] NLE like Premiere works nativly in 32bit so u can bring all the data back! No need to convert with 5d to rgb... and as i said 5d to rgb might work well with canon eos footage but it does not with nex! It will fix the highlights but will make washed blacks... if u want to bring up some shadow detail in Premiere u can better do it the same way u can bring down the clipped highlights ... just need teh "fast colour corrector"
  14. download some footage from internet at look it up for ur self
  15. I stated pretty clearly 16-235 ... so no problems with NLE there!
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