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  1. What about the ViewSonic VP3268-4K 32" 16:9 4K HDR IPS Monitor? Seems to check a lot of boxes while being pretty budget for a monitor? It has 99.67% sRGB Rec 709 HDR10 14-bit 3D LUT Color Calibration. Comes factory calibrated plus can be calibrated with multiple calibrators. Maybe the catch is that the build quality is no good?
  2. Yeah, probably. Just checking to see if there was anything else. I'd love to know how the C70's DIS and autofocus stack up, not that I expect autofocus to be quite that of the mirrorless.
  3. What makes the C70 form factor better, other than the internal VND, mimi xlrs and more buttons, if anything?
  4. I'm really looking forward to seeing your footage with the C70 and hearing more about how it handles and compares/contrasts the A7SIII. I'd love to know if it would run well on an EasyRig style setup, paired with a 5-inch monitor for fast moving doc-style work. I'm sure it works well on a gimbal, but I personally found I prefer the hand-held look and style of shooting. I'm looking to add stability and all-day back comfort for the style and it seems like backpack-crane stabilizer style is the way to go.
  5. What EF adapter are you using? I haven't heard anything about the speedbooster coming out yet.
  6. Never mind. I realize now that you mean for the SIII, not the DC6.
  7. Since it already has electronic END, why would you want an END adapter for EF lenses? An EF adapter that made autofocus work well for EF lenses would make this camera more attractive for those of us who have EF lens collections. As it stands, I think the C70 is a bit better option for shooters like me who want to upgrade to a cinema/camcorder body from a hybrid body. I do like this form factor better than the extra large hybrid body of the C70/Pocket 4K/6K, other than the audio inputs on the handle. But, as soon as SmallRig comes out with a cage, I guess the C70 can be rigged if necessar
  8. Does that video have sound? Thanks, Kyle. I'm definitely taking it as a signal to crank up my editing speed. I'm about to take on a project to edit about 19 ~4 minute videos shot by amateurs and and another editing a ~45 minute news broadcast-style video where I might be the one to shoot presenters in a studio-type environment and stich it together with clips shot years ago by amateurs. To meet deadlines for both jobs and to make a decent return on my time I'll need to edit very quick and efficiently. I think it will warrant a small investment in equipment and time to boost my editing
  9. So, I broke my hand at the absolute worst time for video editing ( is there ever a good time?). I have at least four videos due this month and am about to take on 2 edit heavy video projects. with my right hand bundled up like a mummy, I'm limited to using a very uncoordinated left hand for who knows how long. Luckily, I have found that a trackball is easier to use than a regular mouse, So my workflow has not ground to a complete halt. And thank goodness I've done all of the key shoots I had scheduled. The trackball has me considering whether a control surface will speed up my edit
  10. Wow, that's earlier than expected. Looking forward to a post on how you like working with it.
  11. Download the C70 footage Trankilstef linked to and play with it yourself. It's the same footage that's graded in the video you apparently don't link. I screwed around with it a bit and found it's very flexible and the coded isn't too hard on the machine. I didn't find that the original LOG footage had a cheap DSLR look. Maybe you just object to the way some people have been grading it.
  12. It might not get a big discount yet, sure. I'm not expecting that. More like a bit off or a deal with accessories thrown in, something like that. I've been shooting at a pretty frantic pace lately, launching a new video production business, and I've been in plenty of situations where I've wished for some of the pro features on this thing. Still would prefer a full on C-body, but I can justify a $6K investment in a new camera right now, not a $12K one. Still, I don't think there's anything on the market that can touch its feature set for the price. Sony better introduce their FX6 soo
  13. I agree. I will say, though, that the cheap little Tilta clamp-on mini matte box can work with a VND. The lens adapters for it do have threads, but they are recessed. The trick is that you have to us an extension ring to get most VNDs, which are have a thicker outer diameter than the lens adapter can accommodate, to fit. And, of course, unless you want to thread the adapter on and off each time you change lenses you'll have to buy separate lens adapters and extension rings for each lens you commonly use. That will cost less than a C70, but it's still a bit annoying.
  14. So true. Screwing around with VNDs and lens hoods/clamp on matte boxes is a PITA. But unless you've got internal ND control, a VND is a must in a fast-moving doc style shooting situation. Just another reason why the C70 is an attractive option for a low-budget pro shooter, if you can swallow the Canon pill.
  15. Unfortunately, last week I returned that drive to shoot on it again, before I realized the problem. I could load the files onto one of my Atomos drives and do as you suggest.
  16. I'm hoping someone with more in-depth knowledge of ProRes files can help me. I have an unexpected problem with some important interview files I shot a few weeks ago using a Ninja V monitor on my X-T3 and X-T4. During a car ride interview to our main location, one of my two Ninjas stopped working, the screen went totally black. After dealing with that, I used my other Ninja, which seemed to be working fine, on my X-T3 to record some walking interview footage and some locked off interview footage, as well as some b-roll. Everything seemed to be fine, and when I got home I backup up to several dr
  17. AngloSaxonic?! That's a new one. Actually, I'm Anglo Norman... A history joke for all you fans of William the Conqueror out there. I live in the Pacific Northwest of 'Merica, land of the (nothing is for) free, home of the brave (shopper who goes to the store on Black Friday). In America, anything you can think of is for sale on Black Friday. People have literally gotten killed in stampedes to get into stores the second they open. It's insanity. Of course, I wouldn't think of going into a store on that day. But everything is for sale online anyway. I think I found the tripod at B&
  18. I don't know. I did get some good film making deals year. Couple hundo off a Manfrotto Nitrotech fluidhead and sticks. Some other stuff too, probably. Maybe.
  19. Trigger finger is itching. I keep telling myself to wait for Black Friday/Cyber Monday madness to see if a C70 deal materializes. Besides, the camera won't be shipping until then anyway. So, here's the big question... Will the pre-order list be so big that these are hard to get for a period of time after release, or will Canon release enough so that there will be availability in early Dec?
  20. EphraimP

    Fuji X-S10

    I am 100 percent with you here! It was a matter of miscommunication, because you mentioned a small video camera on this thread about a dinky hybrid. I so agree with what you're looking for, especially because Meike has just a great set of cheep cine lenses, both in X-mount and in EF for those like me who have the Metabones speedbooster and can get "that full frame look" on a crop sensor. The only problem, in my case at least, is that if they bring something like this to market in 6-8 months, it will be too late. The fires in the American Pacific Northwest have created a HUGE documentary o
  21. EphraimP

    Fuji X-S10

    That sounds like a great camera. I'd buy one. I've been wanting something like it for a while. HOWEVER... how is any of this going to make a camera SMALLER than the T3? Since this is a thread about the sure to be dinky X-S10, I naturally thought that's what you were talking about. A C70 equivalent X-series camera would surely be bigger than the X-T series. It'd have to be to get the feature you (and I) want. The C70 is a chunky monkey for hybrid style camera. Which is fine. I think some folks go waaaay overboard on camera size.
  22. EphraimP

    Fuji X-S10

    How much smaller than an X-T3 do you need?
  23. Yes please. I could give a rat's ass about weddings. I am, however, interested in the C70. I'll likely buy if I can't get the producer of a doc project I'm starting to fork over for one. I wish there were rumors of what the mythical XH-2 will be like. If it were as Fuji version of this one I'd be all over it.
  24. I'm no professional colorist. I do, however, shoot a lot of footage with my X-T3 and T4 using a Ninja V. I do feel that the ProRes 422 grades better than the internal backups. I hosed the white balance on an interior shot this weekend, but because I was shooting ProRes I was able to heavily push the temp and tint sliders in Lumetri to dial the color back without the image breaking apart. And here's another thing. To get 10-bit out of the Fujis, you've got to shoot HEVC. I would soooo much rather worry about storing chunky ProRes files than editing a mess of H.265 files. And my computer i
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