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  1. That's interesting. My issues isn't with soldering itself so much, though I'm sure I could get much better at it. It's with electronics in general. To whit, I can't read a wiring diagram anymore than I could Dostoevsky in Russian. And I'm a very visual learner when it comes to things like that. So watching a video that shows where to solder each wire to the appropriate lead or whatever is much easier for me to get than a diagram and set of instructions. It's all about the Monkey see, Monkey do.
  2. Have you thought about making a video on how you did this? Palle Schultze made video about drilling and milling a wooden side handle to fit a button, but didn't get into the wiring at all. That was a bummer for someone like me who is pretty clueless about wiring but owns a soldering iron and is willing to learn.
  3. Thanks for the feedback, however it's just a bit late For some reason Emanuel kicked up an old thread from January of last year. I pulled the trigger on a custom machine in February. I'm typing on it right now. Ryzen 9 3950X on a Gigabyte X570 AORUS Ultra with 64 gigs of ram and 3 NVMe ssds (500G C drive, 2TB media drive and 500G scratch drive). I'm pretty happy with it, though I'm sure I could do some tweaks to it to increase performance.
  4. If that's case, you should probably just read up on it, watch a bunch of the tutorial videos and see how the buttons are used, and, if you can, program midi controller with the same functions. Or, if you have a Stream Deck you could probably do the same thing. In my case, I do have an XL Stream Deck, so I'm guessing I could probably set it up to do virtually the same things as the Speed Editor. On the other hand, the Speed Editor is mainly programed to the new Cut Page and doesn't have as much functionality on the Edit Page. I think I may end up programing my Stream Deck to compliment the
  5. It's been almost a month since I placed my order, and it's still on backorder at B&H. And the sale is still going. So anyone would be silly to buy a Resolve license without the Speed Editor right now, unless they were getting a steep discount. And, don't hold your breath for getting one. If there are Speed Editors on eBay or other resellers, BTM_Pix is spot on about that being a better way to go in getting it if you don't want/need a license.
  6. I've been kicking over the idea of picking up a color meter for quite a while. Most of my filming is outdoor run and gun with natural light, so a color meter or even a regular light meter isn't essential. However, I do shoot a bit of lit indoor interview footage or live show/concert scenes with difficult or mixed light situations. Something like a Sekonic c700 or 800 seems pretty price for what I'm doing at the moment. And old studio photographer I know lent me a old Minolta flash color meter, which should give me basic color temp measurements and plus green/magenta values, which is all I'm re
  7. Ok, ya'll convinced me to pull the trigger. I have an Resolve activation card and speed editor on the way... whenever B&H gets them in stock, anyway. Looks like 2021 will, among other huge video related changes for me, will be the year of Resolve. I don't imaging I'll entirely ditch Adobe, but it's more than time to learn a new NLE/workflow.
  8. Yeah, I think you're right. The ability to have two instances loaded on computers at one time is attractive. How does it do for team projects. I'm a one-man band, but it's getting to the point where I may want editing help on some projects just to keep up with the work I'm getting. Mainly, I might want to get someone sorting clips for me, weeding out footage I don't need, marking in and out points on b-roll and marking up interview footage so I can quickly go through it and cut something together. Can someone with a free version start a project and do this sort of stuff and then hand it over t
  9. Do you have to have the dongle plugged in to access DaVinci if you go that route? I thought you'd load it onto you machine via the dongle and then unplug it. Great info. I have a year-old machine with three NVMe drives and an RTX2080 Super, so I'm sure it's up to it. I always use Creator Ready Drivers. It will kinda suck at times not to be able to have Lightroom on InDesign open at the same time, but I'll manage that, I'm sure.
  10. Geez, it's a bit disappointing to hear that DaVinci still crashes. I figure anything is better than Premiere though. It's pretty crazy when part of your workflow with a supposedly professional software is to save every 5 minutes and just expect it to lock and crash every so often or simply not be able to open perfectly fine working files it has just created.
  11. B&H has the option for either card or dongle listed right now.
  12. The instability of Premiere is driving me out of my mind. It's latest little quirk is to freeze up when opening existing projects so that I have to close it down, delete all temp files, rename the project and then reopen. Moving into 20201 my schedule drastically changes and I should have time to learn a new NLE, plus I have two big jobs lined up that involve tons of pretty basic editing of footage shot by everyday people with no particular camera training (basic color grading, audio adjustments for voice tracks, simple cuts). With Blackmagic throwing in the Speed Editor right now with D
  13. Ok, how many points do I lose for not clearly reading OP's post title. The later part of my comments were on the 300d, not the 600d. I think the point about differing color temps and cast still apply to a certain extent though. Godox doesn't have a 600 watt light yet, to my knowledge, though you could buy two VL 300s and two light stands or C-stands and still save over getting the one 600d. Depending on how you set up the lights, this could be a better, more versatile setup and get you the same or better output than a single 600 watt light.
  14. IF you are going the buy once, cry once route, take a bit of time and really think about what you are shooting and how. What are your biggest needs on shoot day? What do you most regret about your current setup or most wish you could change? That will tell you which of theses things to priorities first. It's really hard for us, a bunch of random video nerds on the internet, to make a very good recommendation for you. For me, personally, a top of the food chain (portable) tripod would be first over an excellent video light. Why? Because the bulk of my shooting is documentary style shootin
  15. Sure, I get that. I was going to mention lighting in my post but cut it short. The OP mentioned being on a project working with a Venice and a Red Dragon, so I figured t it that sort of first hand experience would help the OP take those things into account. Maybe not.
  16. I shoot a ton on the X-T3 and T4 in FLog. I love the images I get from it. I find that I don't have any problems with skin tones if I'm careful about my white balance and exposure. Underexpose with the white balance off and you'll run into problems. I use the Fuji FLog to 709 conversion LUT, fine tune exposure and white balance and go from there. if I want to add a style LUT I find Noam Kroll's Digital to Film is a nice place to start. I usually stay away from Fuji's FLog to Eterna LUT. I find it too heavy handed for my style, usually. If Fuji had an FLog to Chrome LUT, I'd probably use
  17. I saw this video yesterday and was thinking of it in terms of OP's issue of searching for a more "cinematic" feel for his footage. It definitely seems like Sony's super heavy noise reduction in Log and other baked-in picture profiles will take away fine detail and leave a less "cinematic" look than shooting raw and denoising in post. Sounds like the FX6 would be even better in this regard. Personally, if I was locked into the Sony ecosystem I'd go with the FX6. The digital VND is worth the extra cash, for me anyway, plus you have the XLRs and the all of the buttons of a pro camcorder. Too bad
  18. I'd bet it would help folks give you feedback if you went into a bit more about the "look and feel" of the image from these cameras that seems different to you than that coming from hybrids that you've used. Is it the depth of field, the color gamma or gamut, the flexibility of working with their files in post, a mystical "cinematic" green tint to the images? The other obvious choice to look at right now is the C70. It doesn't need a lot of rigging right out of the box, other than perhaps an adapter to use EF glass (which gives you the choice to spend a bit and get a speedbooster for clo
  19. Yeah, 5 bills for a job wheel and 6 dials plus a few buttons is spendy. Since I started using a track ball with a jog wheel, I couldn't imagine going without one. I definitely want to find a control surface with dials and maybe sliders to add to my setup. I'm enjoying my Stream Deck XL, how does the Monogram system fit in your workflow with your Stream Deck? Any connectivity issues like you were having with the original Palettegear? The more I think about it, the more the Loupedeck idea of combining Stream Deck-style programable screen buttons with dials and preset/function type buttons
  20. Yeah, too true. In a typical project, I'll edit in Premiere, do audio in Audition, maybe slap on a motion graphic from After Effects, pop in an end slide from InDesign and if I'm doing the thumbnail it's off to Lightroom for that. Luckily, my employer pays for the Adobe suite, and I can use it for my freelance work. That arrangement should last for at least the next year. But I'm getting sooo fed up with how buggy and unstable Premiere is that I'm really thinking hard about paying for Resolve and making the switch. I might actually have time starting next month to buckle down and learn it.
  21. True. But it's also much longer, so it seems like overall a better form factor. With a cage, you can mount accessories like a SolidPod to the side, right? Also, for me, it might be desirable to go with a 5" monitor on the C70. I'm not a big fan of smaller monitors or the dslr-style flip out vs the externa monitor configuration of cine cameras that can be moved around more easily and are better for positions such as holding the camera into your body for better stability hand holding. If you plan to use the camera almost always on sticks, a monopod or gimbal, the C70 body style is pro
  22. Interesting. What were you building the C200 out, er, up with that you don't think you'd need on the C70? A lot of people do rig up hybrid/dslr cameras pretty tall, which is counter intuitive for getting stable in my opinion. Wide is better than tall and long is better than either.
  23. Sound like you need to wait for the C50. As far as the C70 being the way forward, without a EVF, what about the dslr/mirrorless style body makes it better for you than a more traditional cine-style body? Holding the camera out in front of you with two hands, even with your elbows locked, is in my experience, a less stable shooting method than cradling the camera against your body to establish a third point of contact or shoulder mounting, both of which even a cine-style camera is more suited to.
  24. I think you're misunderstanding me. I'm specifically referring to Newfoundmass's post that "their main page basically recommended alt-right and Newsmax pro-Trump videos on my first visit." That's what I have a problem with, not the underlying technology. And saying that the the alt-right (led by the Orange Dumpsterfire in the Whitehouse) is attempting to destroy democracy in America is not "hysterical hyperbole." The huge push to try to invalidate our presidential election through the alt-right media and the courts is having, and will have, long lasting effects on our election system. It's not
  25. Seeking out multiple sources of information from different viewpoints is one thing. Supporting a platform that gives voice to or promotes dangerous, falsehood filled propaganda channels like Newsmax is another. I'm sorry, but I can't get behind anything that remotely smacks of the whole Parler fake "free speech" alt-right echo chamber. These people are actively trying to destroy democracy over here and actually killing people and plotting terrorist acts. So, yeah, if LBRY is promoting their content on any part of it service, I for one am not going to use them at all.
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