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  1. Ha! Same. I keep getting worried that I'll want the r6, but it seems to have some issues. Yeah, not trusting Tohen further than I can throw him. Clownshoes. X-T4 + Ninja is a nice option. B&H is bundling them with an accessory pack at a good price, so that's the route I went. In my early tests, it can record to the Ninja in 4k 24p until the battery dies, about 2.5 hours, indoors. Outdoors in pretty warm weather, I was able to record 4K to the Ninja and 1080 to the camera for more than an hour, starting and stopping the takes to reposition a couple of times but not turning t
  2. I haven't watched the YouTube. Sounds like what you are saying is that you can use this link to route a remote ATEM into your main ATEM, taking up a HDMI in on the "studio ATEM", without a second party webservice to host the remote ATEM stream. I can see how that would be helpful to some productions. What I'm looking into right now is a solution for livestreaming from locations that don't have an ethernet network with decent bandwidth for uploading. I've found that your typical (in the US anyway) 5Mpbs upload speed is dicey at best for a multicam stream. It looks like cellular bonding enc
  3. Having no broadcast experience, I'm not getting what the advantage of this is to a livestream.
  4. EphraimP

    Fuji X-T4

    Auto focus, on the other hand, definitely has room for improvement. I don't have any personal experience with Sony, or Canon offerings better than the 80D, but it definitely appears that Fuji is behind the curve if not a lap or two back like Panasonic.
  5. EphraimP

    Fuji X-T4

    Still working on getting familiar with the metabones adapter. I used it to get a little b-roll for a mini-doc on Tuesday. I just received an EF 50mm F1.4 that I bought for my daughter's birthday (she picked up my 80D when I got the T4) and I'll throw it on the T4 and maybe my T3 for some quick tests before I give it to her. On the overheating side, I used the T4 for the doc shoot Tuesday, recording internal at 1080 and externally at 4k DCI. I typically do that so I have backup files that don't take up as much storage space - post-production is all in 1080. We recorded interview footage fo
  6. Yeah, it's been ridiculous how hard it has been to get a Mini Pro, or even a Mini. I got really luck in that respect. When I landed the jobs to fund the purchase and had to get one right away, I pre-ordered from B & H, which had a lead time that was acceptable. Then I found a Amazon seller with a few in stock, so I ordered from them and probably secured the last one they had in stock. I had to pay extra shipping, but it got to me before B & H even had them in stock. I thought about keeping the B & H order and selling it on Ebay, because I'd seen them going for as much As $900, but
  7. I just saw this amazing new development of the ATEM... and was a bit bummed out by it. Why? Because I purchased the Pro a few months back and would really love the ISO feature. I've produced several livestream concerts with it and, while have a recording of the program feed is nice and you can record to each camera's cards as well, it would be so much more practical for a post production workflow to have the capabilities that the Pro ISO has. It's easy to forget to hit record on an camera if you're doing a multi-cam setup as one person. I wonder what, if any, hardware changes
  8. EphraimP

    Fuji X-T4

    A Metabones EF to X- mount Speedbooster hit my doorstep Friday and I've started to play with it a bit. I know it was mentioned in a conversation about EF adapters on a recent Fuji thread but I can't remember which one. I'll give my impressions on it once I'm more familiar with it, if people want that. First impression it that is produces a nice image quality with my 17-40L and 180 L macro. I took some shots with my 70-200 L 2.8 (old non-is version) but I haven't looked at them yet. The autofocus works with both the wide and telephoto zooms, though I'm not sure yet how it compares to native le
  9. That one looks interesting. Feelworld has a similar unit for $600 and change that's 1080. I don't think I'd need a 4K monitor for a 1080 stream. Anyone have feedback on quality difference between Feelworld and Lilliput?
  10. Yeah, for the level of production I'm doing right now, under a a grand is definitely the budget. If the wedding option picks up, maybe the budget will too. Unfortunately, when I live isn't booming economically (is anywhere) and a lot of people don't want to pay decent rate for video work. A guy is trying to start a livestreaming service at his club and pitch it to businesses, nonprofits and musicians. He wants me to run the livestreams but is telling prospective clients that my rate is only $100 - $150. Yeah, like I'm going to pack in 2-3 cameras with tripods or gimbles, a ATEM Mini Pro, compu
  11. Good point about the brightness. I think that one has a sun hood too.
  12. The Feelworld is a bit small, but they do have a 17" monitor that's closer to what I'm looking for. I'm not sure about the quality of Feelworld products. That may be the tradeoff.
  13. Like I said, one that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I'm curious if there is anything in the $300-500 range that is any good. I'd say my budget is definitely under $1,000, American.
  14. Yeah. Metabones just came out with one. I ordered it when I ordered an X-T4 last week. It's a special order, because they are not in stock everywhere yet. Still waiting.
  15. I've been getting into livestreaming with BM Atem Mini Pro. For the last couple of streams, I've been shooting musicians in a local club. After doing one show using my Ninja V as a multicam monitor to view my cameras and program feed, which was not ideal, I've been lugging a 32" TV to the gigs to use as a monitor. Besides the hassle of lugging around such a big screen with no case (and unplugging it from my home editing setup all the time) I can't monitor program audio because the TV only has one of those optical digital audio inputs, no 3.5 jack. I may get some outside gigs in the futur
  16. I use this baseplate, because the cage has a built-in Arca-Swiss style QR plate. It works great on my rig and the height is adjustable. https://www.smallrig.com/smallrig-universal-15mm-rail-support-system-baseplate-2272.html I use Smallrig's aluminum rods on my rig with this.
  17. Nato rails allow you to attach any number of accessories. I specifically meant using the rail you linked to attach a handle like this one than has an integral nato clap: https://www.smallrig.com/smallrig-camera-camcorder-action-stabilizing-nato-handle-1955.html Handles are great for hand-held shooting and provide a couple of cold shoes for mounting mics or other accessories. The nato clamp styles are very easy to take of if you want to mount the camera on a gimbal. The cage itself has a nato rail built into the left side which can be used for attaching accessories like side handles
  18. Love the Smallrig cage. I set mine up with a Nato rail on top and a Nato clamp top handle. You'll definitely want a cable clamp that fits whatever type of cables the shooter will use.
  19. EphraimP

    Fuji X-T4

    Northrup. Now that's funny. I'll go with Bloom's analysis, thanks very much.
  20. EphraimP

    Fuji X-T4

    Just pulled the trigger on a T4/Ninja 5 package B&H has on sale. Haven't used IBIS before. It will be interesting to see how it goes, especially with the camera in a decently heavy rig. It seems like the performance is variable depending on the settings and lenses used. Same for auto focus. We'll see.
  21. I have my X-T3 on a rig powered by a D-tap battery. I've done multiple shoots where I've hit the recording limit and then hit record again and again for an hour and a half or more, no problem. I've also livestreamed for 2 plus hours straight in a room warm enough to make sweat stick my shirt to my back (without recording).
  22. I can't remember off the top of my head. He goes through a ton of lenses and some are great while others can't hang no matter what settings.
  23. I was holding off considering an X-T4 until this dropped. And I gotta say, as good as some of the specs are, it looks like the Cripple Hammer is making this a less attractive to me than I'd hoped, especially without RAW to set it apart competitors. Specifically, the lack of DCI formats (and no true 24p frame rate) is a big downer. There's no good reason for it, other than to protect the R5. The codec issue everyone is talking about is also a bummer. And the recording time limit is a huge issue. True, Fujis also have a recording limit, but I've used them for more than an hour (heck for ab
  24. Why not compare ProRes and H.265 from the T-X3 from the same shoot with a Ninja V. That would be interesting. Hell, if I had the time I'd do it. I've been using ProRes 422 as my editing files out of the Ninja, because they don't lag the workflow at all and recording H.265 or H.264 files as backups. Or test ProRes from the X-T3/Ninja vs the Pocket 4. I know some folks don't like a recording monitor because of the bulk it adds, but I'm soooo sold. The ability to record backups to camera, the monitoring tools like false color, the ability to move the screen to any angle I need, and a much bi
  25. I figured it out, sort of. It has to do with the power source. I've got my X-T3 rigged up to run off a Fotga V-Mount battery plate powered by a cheap Juicebox 95 wh battery. So, naturally when I've tried to use the MixPre with the camera I've plugged it into the usb out from the battery, because the recorder eats batteries like nobody's business. I recently picked up a Powerextra NP-F960 style battery with DC and USB outlets. I plugged its usb into the MixPre to look at my settings and jacked it into the camera. No distortion. I checked with the V-Mount setup, distortion. I then checked with 4
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