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  1. I can't remember off the top of my head. He goes through a ton of lenses and some are great while others can't hang no matter what settings.
  2. I was holding off considering an X-T4 until this dropped. And I gotta say, as good as some of the specs are, it looks like the Cripple Hammer is making this a less attractive to me than I'd hoped, especially without RAW to set it apart competitors. Specifically, the lack of DCI formats (and no true 24p frame rate) is a big downer. There's no good reason for it, other than to protect the R5. The codec issue everyone is talking about is also a bummer. And the recording time limit is a huge issue. True, Fujis also have a recording limit, but I've used them for more than an hour (heck for about 4 hours on one concert shoot) and haven't had a problem on my X-T3 with just stopping the recording when it timed out and starting again and getting the full time again. It sounds like both of the new R cameras have unchangeable, shorter recording limits for immediate recording restarts. Is that right? I do a number of concerts and other long-format public presentations each year (once things get back to normal) and this would be a problem, for me anyway. Considering that B&H has the X-T4 packaged with a Ninja 5 right now for $2,226.90, I could pick that up now with a new Metabones Speedbooster Ultra for $2,875.9 for the full frame look with my EF lenses vs $2,898 for the R6 with the V-ND EF adapter ($2,598 for the bare-bones adapter). With the Fuji I'd get to choose between Super 35 and Full Frame looks depending on lens selection, access to decent, dirt cheap mini-cine lenses (Meike), recording directly to easy to edit codecs with the Ninja with all of the great features of a 5-inch monitor plus record backup files on SD cards, the strip down to a small, light setup when required, and the joy of having to cameras that match when it comes to livestreaming or editing a two-camera setup. Oh, and better 1080 high frame rate options. The pluses with the R6 would be better autofocus (though even the Philip Bloom video shows that with careful lens selection and setup the T4 gives acceptable autofocus) possibly better IBIS (I'm not sold on this until unbiased third-party reviewers get their hands on production models, plus Fuji seems committed to churning out firmware updates to smooth out the T4's IBIS). Dynamic range will probably be a wash or a Fuji advantage. Same with rolling shutter. Actually, Canon hybrids have had poor rolling shutter lately, so I'm not hopeful for the R6. I think my choice is pretty obvious. Am I missing anything?
  3. Why not compare ProRes and H.265 from the T-X3 from the same shoot with a Ninja V. That would be interesting. Hell, if I had the time I'd do it. I've been using ProRes 422 as my editing files out of the Ninja, because they don't lag the workflow at all and recording H.265 or H.264 files as backups. Or test ProRes from the X-T3/Ninja vs the Pocket 4. I know some folks don't like a recording monitor because of the bulk it adds, but I'm soooo sold. The ability to record backups to camera, the monitoring tools like false color, the ability to move the screen to any angle I need, and a much bigger, brighter screen to actually see what I'm framing, the cheap storage medium and unlimited recording times, put these features together and they well outweigh any inconvenience.
  4. I figured it out, sort of. It has to do with the power source. I've got my X-T3 rigged up to run off a Fotga V-Mount battery plate powered by a cheap Juicebox 95 wh battery. So, naturally when I've tried to use the MixPre with the camera I've plugged it into the usb out from the battery, because the recorder eats batteries like nobody's business. I recently picked up a Powerextra NP-F960 style battery with DC and USB outlets. I plugged its usb into the MixPre to look at my settings and jacked it into the camera. No distortion. I checked with the V-Mount setup, distortion. I then checked with 4 AA batteries and with the MixPre's included USB C charger. No distortion. So, clearly the V-Mount setup is the culprit. I don't understand why, as I used the same USB cable for the NP-F and V-Mount setups. I no f-all about electricity though, so hopefully someone better informed has an idea.
  5. I'm getting a strange, fluttering distortion sound when I plug the 3.5 mm out from my MixPre 3 II into my X-T3 Mic jack. It fluctuates around -20db and makes using the in-camera track impossible. The sound recorded to the MixPre's card is fine. I've checked settings (mic out, not line) and used tone generation to make sure the sound level coming in is where it should be. When I turn all the inputs off and just send tone, the fluctuation disappears. This has happened with two different 3.5 mm cables, one of which works fine when I use my DXA preamp with the camera. While I've been fine using the recorder's card and syncing in post for interviews, I'd like to be able to use the MixPre as an audio interface for live streaming and route it through the camera to avoid sound/picture sync issues. Anyone had this problem and figured the solution out? I'm hoping a certain beardly antipodean audio pro might weigh in here.
  6. I already have one in my hot little hands. I ordered one from B&H when I posted this thread and then found a random shop in the (American) Midwest that had some in stock on Amazon and snapped one up before they sold out. I've been playing with it on Zoom meetings to familiarize myself with it and have a series of live concert events planned for this month and next. I'm definitely interested in what you're cooking up. The multiview feature works great but sound has some quirks. I've not been able to get the audio ins on the ATEM itself to work, though sound from camera has been fine once I fully understood how to turn it on. Sound control using the Fairlight consul in the software control has been fine. But the ATEM itself should have an audio out for monitoring.
  7. I'm using it with the X-T3, so no raw option. I record in Prores HQ.
  8. You might want to invest in a drone as well. It seems drone shots are becoming standard for real estate videos. I'm curious what you plan to charge per video.
  9. I have two 1TB WD Blue drives for my Ninja. They work great. I don't know if there is any reason to pay for anything more expensive.
  10. EphraimP

    Step Back

    Well, my ATEM Mini Pro just hit the porch an hour ago and I'm trying to brainstorm a way to get a third camera to go with my X-T3 and 80D. Or, better yet, way to replace my 80D with another T3 or a T4 and get a cinema camera on top of that. So clearly my GAS Syndrome hasn't abated. In reality, I purchased the ATEM because I have a client who plans to do 4 live stream virtual concerts next month, so I should have a check in my hands to cover the cost by Friday. I'm not buying anything right now that won't make guaranteed money. I do think live streaming virtual events may definitely be a growing trend as social distancing restrictions ease somewhat but restrictions remain on large gathering. With all my other freelance business dried up, as it is for most everyone else, I'm hoping this can turn into a money maker.
  11. I was trying to be ironic. I think more than anything they got lucky with the timing. You're probably right that they pushed like hell to get it introduced once they saw how things were going. I don't think I'll need any more than the Mini-Pro. Could probably do ok with the regular mini, not that it's even in stock anywhere. Some of the updated features, like the direct livecasting ability and recording feature, make it seem like a no-brainer, especially seeing as the cost will be covered in the first month and I don't really have any other video business right not to speak of, other than finishing up some festival music videos from last year for the same guy. I'm hoping B&H gets it in stock quickly enough and haven't taken more pre-orders than they have stock coming. Does anyone know if they throw in the full Resolve with the switcher, like they do with their cameras?
  12. I haven't contribute much to the What Will You Do thread. But I think I've found the answer, an answer many of us are coming too: multi-cam living streaming virtual events. I got a call today from a local hard cider brewer and event venue operator who wants me to provide pro-looking video for 4 virtual mini-concert/small batch cider releases he's trying to pull off to bring attention to his brand and support local nonprofits -- they'll get a percentage of sales from the special ciders. It's possible that, at least where I'm at, large scale events will be banned for at least another 6 months, maybe more. Music venues, small brands and musicians are going to have to think outside the box if they are going to survive, so I foresee more types of virtual events that will need budget-friendly, professional live production services. Which brings me to the ATEM Mini Pro. Do you think Blackmagic used actual black magic to launch this product seemingly made for the zeitgeist of the Coronavirus era at exactly the right moment. It seems like a great tool at a great price for one-man-bands or small production crews getting into the live broadcast/streaming space. I was about to pull the trigger on one from B&H and wait impatiently until they actual arrive in stock and ship, but of course it was already shabbat, so I have to wait until sometime tomorrow to order from them. Which got me thinking. Are there any other mini switchers out there I should be looking at? I know there are software options out there to stream with one camera, but I think the option to offer multi-cam setups could set an operator apart.
  13. Thanks for chiming in, Tito. Turns out I was right, it was a super simple instruction that the maker simply forgot to include: turn off the sample black bars layer. The effect is a bit subtle and I know you have a lot more tricks up your sleeve, how could you not. ;-). I've seen your videos on anamorphake filters, etc. I'm working with some pre-shot concert footage, so lens filter won't help. I need software only solutions. Trying to spice up the video by cutting between different versions of shots from the same camera/angle because we had some technical difficulties that took out the second camera for portions of the concert.
  14. Has anyone played with the VashiMorphic40 template for AE to anamorphake it? I'm a complete rookie with AE, so I'm not sure why it's not working for me. The template doesn't come with a lot of instructions, but I think I've followed them correctly. I import my footage into AE, and then drag onto the Your Footage layer using the ALT drag method. I can see my clip under the black bars, but I don't know how to make the bars disappear and the transformation to work. If I just render it out, I've got my footage with black bars over it. I'm guessing that I'm missing a simple step that AE experts do without even thinking about it, which is why it's not listed in the instructions on the Vashi Visuals page.
  15. They all suck. Get a DXA-Micro Pro or a recorder like the MixPre 3. Actually, the only camera in the review I have experience with are the X-T3 (my daily driver). It sounds like all of them but the Sony are pretty usable. I'm definitely impressed by Canon's improvement. My 80D's preamp is useless. Still, I love the ability an external preamp gives me to XLR microphones and multiple mics (boom plus lav usually).
  16. I've had one conversation about it with someone from a local nonprofit that works with the one I work with. I told them I'd have to purchase streaming equipment to do so with high quality video transition. That's where the conversation ended. #nonprofitlife
  17. Again, you're sidestepping my argument, which is that because of the inequalities, voter suppression and political disenfranchisement happening in our system, using votes cast in a national election as a proxy for actual support is invalid. The sad fact is that our political system is dysfunctional to say the least. And I haven't even mentioned the distorting and anti-democratic effects of campaign finance in our system. Again, the conman in the Oval Office does have a very vocal following and they're definitely the majority in some states and rural areas. But they are most definitely NOT "half" of my country. And, good job trying to re-frame my core argument into "Hillary got the most votes," which is was not my point at all. See above. A close reading of my original post would show that my mention of Hillary and the electoral college was an eye-rolling aside from my main point. I'll agree with you on one thing, though, scaling back our imperial presidency. I don't I'd go nearly as far as your states' right position. I'd be more than happy if we re-balanced the power between the executive branch, congress and the courts. But that would mean Congress would actually have to learn to govern again, instead of giving away the shop to corporate America and the courts are getting pretty packed with under-qualified reactionaries, so I'm not holding my breath.
  18. Interesting that you're bringing up a straw-man rather than addressing my actual point, which has nothing to do with who one the last election. But I'm not actually surprised, as my wife says about debating politics, or anything else on the interwebs, play stupid games, win stupid prizes. I hate it when she's right. Have fun experimenting with your F3. Seeing as I have a day job, I really should be doing it, rather that this. Signed, not your average American.
  19. It's not obvious and it doesn't address the voter disenfranchisement I mentioned and a whole host of problems with our country and our current political system. You said "half the population in America voted for Trump" rather than half of registered voters (which still isn't true) or half of voters who voted for one of the two major party candidates (we DO have minor political parties in the US, whatever good it does us). Your statement implies he has the support of half the country. That's simply not true. I will say, however, that my post probably comes a lot closer to an ad hominem take than I intended. The canard that the Great Pumpkin has the support of half the country is really tiresome and you could say it triggered me.
  20. My statement was not quite accurate, I'll grant you. But the electoral college wasn't entirely about big-versus small states. There was indeed a strong movement among the aristocrats among the founders to insulate the election of the chief executive from direct election by the masses. George Mason of Virginia argued that 'it would be as unnatural to refer the choice of a proper character for chief Magistrate to the people, as it would, to refer a trial of colours to a blind man. The extent of the Country renders it impossible that the people can have the requisite capacity to judge of the respecĀ­tive pretensions of the Candidates.'   Or, as the political scientist William Keech wrote in 1978, "The Electoral College system ... was created by the founding fathers for the new Republic not as a direct outgrowth of eighteenth-century political principles but rather as an ad hoc compromise between those who believed in election of the president by Congress and those who believed in popular election," So, my point about the elitism inherent in the electoral college stands. I could have written the point better.
  21. Sorry, but you are wrong here. 62,984,828 people voted for Trump, vs 65,853,514 for Clinton, so nearly 3 million more voted for Clinton. Why isn't SHE president? Thank our regressive electoral college system put in place by aristocratic southern slaveholders. More importantly, we're a country of 323.4 million people (2016 figures). More than half the country, 186,730,724 give or take, didn't vote at all. There are many reasons for this, including economic and educational factors. But a key reason is the Republican's massive and long running voter suppression efforts in states they control, which targeted low-income, minority and other likely left-leaning voters. Their tactics include voter roll purges, restriction of access to polling places, spurious polling place vote challenges, discouragement of absentee ballots, and the list goes on. What's the upshot here? America, the home of democracy, suffers from massive political disenfranchisement. Yes, the Cheetoh in Chief's supporters are vocal, rabid some would say. But they absolutely don't represent half of the American populace. And if our political system was actually more fair and representative, he wouldn't be our president. When it comes to sound advise, I'll definitely seek out your advise. But please don't try to explain our politics to us. I won't speak authoritatively on Kiwi politics either, I'll just sit here and imagine how cool it will be when I finally get to fly over and visit.
  22. I look forward to seeing them once things go back to normal. I've always used cheap fluid heads for basic pans and tilts, of course. Just recently, I bought my first pro-level, fully adjustable fluid head and it has really opened up a whole new level of locked down movement now that I can balance the camera and adjust tension levels correctly to get the most out of the head.
  23. Those are some great images. I'd love to know more about your technique. Are you shooting locked down on a tripod? Are you delivering real-time game footage or just b-roll style highlight packages? Stuff like that. Just curious.
  24. Ugh, my nascent video production company just took a real hit. Two weeks ago I pitched a substantial video project to a consultant in the nonprofit world I've worked with, and he has very eager and asked me to send him a proposal. I just did and he immediately replied that he's getting out of the business because he fears a major recession is coming. That job would have really set me up to launch my new company. Luckily I haven't quit my day job....
  25. Don't worry, not all Americans, as I've said on another thread, have drunk so much of the Trump Cool Aid that they believe this garbage. We know we're not exceptional in this regard (getting through this pandemic via some cockamamie pseudo-scientific "American" miracle) or many others. We're shutting down our events and schools, working from home if possible, maintaining social distance, and BUYING ALL THE FUCKING TOILET PAPER IN THE WORLD!!! Also, we know our health care system isn't great and the magical free market won't fix it, hasn't so far. At the same time, it is a pretty damn nice place to live. So there's that.
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