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  1. Haven't played with Neatvideo yet. Sounds like I may put a little bit of the cash from this gig into it if need be. Too late to get a speedbooster and lenses, but I'll probably use my Meike 25mm T2.2 mini-cine prime and do everything in 24p.Definitely no Peter McKinnon-ing at 120p for that extra crispy b-roll.
  2. Not s I've been kicking around getting the G4. I trash all my promo email frequently, so I didn't see the B&H sale. On the website, they are showing up at full price. Was it a flash sale or something?
  3. Yeah, the test shots I took really quickly at 6400 were 1.5 to 2 under. I'm sure that's part of why it was getting noisy. Any opinion on whether recording to the Ninja will give me files that are easier to make pretty if I do get some noise?
  4. Some friends who run a tap house are having an event this weekend and they asked to borrow my studio lighting kit (nothing fancy, just a Godox SL-60 and soft-box) so their event photographer can set up a photo booth and take pictures of people dressed up as vikings. Since I'm going to be there, they asked if I wanted to shoot them an event video, including shots of the live music they'll be having. The place is crazy dark inside and there won't be any stage lighting as they'll be setting up a makeshift stage. I have two small on camera style video lights that I can swap between for candi
  5. Didn't think of that. I already have Davinci downloaded and have been meaning to learn it so I can kick the Adobe habit. If I drag files into media viewer, will it create temp versions or files that will increase memory usage or file space? These ProRes 4k files are chunky and eating up space fast.
  6. Since I picked up my Ninja V last week, I've shot some projects in ProRes, both 422 and Light. I know that theoretically DNxHR is made for PC systems, but my first project was a long concert with multiple acts and ProRes Light gave me the best combination of file quality and size to capture the whole event on a 1T drive. It's time to start editing. My normal editing workflow is to open up each video file after I download it to an editing drive so I can scan it to see if I want to use the footage. The only player on my laptop that opens ProRes files, besides NLEs, is VLC player. But VLC pl
  7. I have a 25mm version of the Meike for X-mount that I use on my X-T3. Personally, I like the damping on the focus ring, but I do use a Tilta Nano Nucleus to focus it. The all metal body is nice and overall the lens seems well built. It's a little tank and pleasure to use. It helps me understand why you'd want to use a cinema lens instead of a photo lens. I've shot some tests with a Datacolor SpyderChecker card with the Meike and my 18-55 Fuji kit lens to compare color and sharpness, but haven't gotten around to analyzing them in depth because I've become really busy with video work. I'll
  8. That makes sense. I'm using an older Anker battery with a fast 5V port and a regular one. And I'm pretty sure the Ronin's port is only 5V. Guess I'll stick to the dummy battery and V-mount for super long stuff, which really be very often. I had a second Fuji battery, which would have been helpful, but lost the damn thing taking shots while backpacking. Oh well.
  9. I have the SmallRig handle that mounts to the bottom of the Ronin. It has cutouts, so not a lot of space for something like velcro. I suppose if I really put my mind to it, I could come up with a solution. Speaking of running the camera off of usb power, has anyone had the experience of the battery running down over time, even though it was plugged into a power supply (usb or v-mount) that still had plenty of charge. I had that happen this weekend and the camera wouldn't run anymore. Luckily I had a dummy battery that plugged directly into the DC power of my v-mount battery plate.
  10. Thanks for the feedback. I was looking at the Lindy cable, but on Amazon it's only listed as supporting 1080. I see it's listed as 4K on Lindy's website, so I'll give it a go.
  11. I appreciated your warning this weekend. I tested it out and didn't lose any clips, so I used it on my weekend shoot. Definitely didn't lose footage, but it didn't keep my X-T3 powered for the whole shoot so I had to switch to my handheld rig with a v-mount battery. I do have an Anker power bank I've used with it before. Seems kind of clunky to gaff it to the gimbal though.
  12. After using the Ninja V on a concert shoot this weekend, I'm feeling the pain of the micro HDMI connection. I had used the monitor a day or two before for a corporate shoot at an acupuncturist's office, and didn't have any problems with it locked down on sticks or with a bit of handheld to get b-roll. The first evening of a two-day concert event I got booked for, the mini HDMI end of the cable came out multiple times and the metal male insert ended up bending. I think a big part of the problem the 90 degree bend in the Atomos cable. It bends in such a way that it exerts pressure on the c
  13. Thanks for the tip, androidland. That's too bad. I thought they'd added support for the S. It would have made sense to get the SC if I was buying new, but I've had the S for a while and was hoping to get that feature. I guess it's back to the wonky solution triggering record from on top of the camera. At least I figured out how to power the camera with the rss usb cable that came with my Ronin. It's a pretty annoying work-around, but here's a link to a video explaining how to do it (using the SC as the gimbal) that I found on YouTube. Explanation starts at 8:34:
  14. I finally updated the firmware on my Ronin S and am excited to finally be able to start/stop recordings with Ronin. However, when I plug the cable into the camera and turn it on, I get a USB symbol on the back screen and nothing else. When I go into the menu and select PC Connection USB tether shooting auto, I get a screen again, but the controls are locked off on the camera and the record button on the gimbal takes a photo, but doesn't start shooting video. Does anyone know the proper settings to get these two devices playing nice together?
  15. I haven't used the Ninja enough to get any connections problems yet. I got a package deal from Adorama that included the Atomos cable with the 90 degree micro HDMI cable end and I do worry that the bend is in the wrong direction and may cause problems with a connection down the line. I picked up the HDMI cable clamp that SmallRig recommends for their X-T3 cage, but it doesn't work with the Atomos cable because of the bend. I definitely want to find one that works.
  16. I just received the Ninja this weekend and started playing with it. Used it on a commercial gig tonight. It's pretty user friendly and easy to set up. The touch screen can be a tiny bit wonky at times and there are no physical buttons. It's nice to have 4K files that my computer doesn't hack up like hairballs. The biggest surprise for me is how noisy the fan can be. Even recording audio off camera with a hypercardioid mic I'm having to get room tone and scrub the noise in Audition. A lot of people think the new Blackmagic Video Assist 12G HDR will be better, buI got the Ninja instea
  17. I just received a Ninja V for my X-T3 rig and I'm pretty excited about the potential for it to make some of the video making I do better. I also picked up a V-mount plate and battery to run the whole rig. The plate a Fotaga DP500III, which I picked up because it has several DC power out options, including 8V 5A, 12V 5A, and 5V 2A. Is it safe to plug the Ninja into the 12V 5A with Ninja's included continuous power adapter and an un voltage regulated DC cable? This is probably a silly question, as the point of the different power options on the plate is to serve the correct power option; however
  18. I hadn't realized that the product included a mount.
  19. Thanks for all the feedback. I'd seen the Gerald Undone video when the Polar Pro first came out, hence the hipster joke in my post. I find it interesting that he placed the B&W first but said it cost more than the PP version. In 77 mil, the B&W is actually less than the PP, though it doesn't have the fancy rubber cap and all the PM shwag I can live without. Anyway, I blew this month's gear budget on studio monitor cans because I was having a ton of trouble with some audio for a video I had to finish. Maybe filters next month.
  20. Just looked at the Cinela Cosi after seeing it mentioned in the thread several times. Wow. Can someone tell me why you'd put down over $500 on a deadcat? On another note, I can feedback on using the Deity S-Mic 2 indoors. Definitely not a good first choice; it does struggle with reflected sound. I used it as a main mic in a short doc I just shot for my nonprofit and have not enjoyed dealing with it in post. Used outdoors, however, it does have a good sound. Wouldn't mind if it had hi and low cut filters, but you get what you pay for.
  21. I'm sick of limping along with a single ND8 filter and adding on my circular polarizer when I need less light. It's time for an variable ND. Should I be the ultimate hipster and wait for the Polar Pro Peter McKinnon glass to final arrive in stock, or do some of you have suggestions for good NDs that don't cost as much a decent lens? Thanks in advance for your advice ?
  22. Hi all, I found this thread a few weeks back and have been lurking on the forum ever since. It's been very helpful for getting more familiar with the X-T3, which I've been shooting on all summer. I'm slowly building out a mini-cine rig for it. I know some folks aren't fans of rigging small mirrorless cameras like this, but I've found it to be useful. Looking forward to swapping the Anker battery for a V-mount and adding a monitor or Ninja V.
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