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  1. @Framed_By_Dan I didn't, but It's definitely been hacked by the previous owner. From what I found on old forums, there's no way of knowing what hack the camera has running after it's been flashed. I just know because if I run the files through media inspector, I get bitrates of about 35-40Mbps on busier scenes. I had 0 crashes so far, and I like the image quality, so I'll just leave it like this. I got mine on MPB as well, I almost bought your camera a couple of times but then mine came up at the same price, and it looked tidier, so I snapped it up. I did have to disassemble it about 20 minutes after I got it, because the strap lug came off about 5 minutes after I got it out of the box (common problem). The little nut It screws into was rattling around the camera waiting to cause a short, so I just went at it with a screwdiver and some epoxi. All part of the fun I guess ?
  2. I was surprised to see Nordee come last, I found the footage quite nice, was definitely at the top of my list. I also want to see what setup Framed_By_Dan and aaa123jc used.
  3. Really fun to see the variety in cameras used, and I'm really happy to see I got some votes! Camera wise, I guess went the boring route. You can just about see in the picture, It was 138€ for the kit if you exclude shipping. This is my first M43 camera, and unfortunately the chinese adapters I ordered didn't arrive in time. I have a nice Zeiss 50mm 2.8 I could have used for some more creative results. I shot on the Smooth "film mode" with -2 contrast and sharpness, and used a preset "LUT" from Filmora, can't quite remember wich one. I was very happy with the picture quality.
  4. It looks quite sharp to me, even wide open. I am looking at small screen though, it's still 1080p.
  5. Voted! Good luck to everyone, the reveal is going to be fun!
  6. Yeah, me too. Especially since shipping the camera internationally would cost me more than the camera itself.
  7. Yeah, "press" coverage for this is being pretty stupid. The real time AF is great and all, but who's gonna be shooting action with this thing? Eye AF is another gimmick, it's great when you're shooting FF and a 105mm F1.4 with razor thin DoF, it's worthless with this tiny sensor. It's the unfortunate truth nowadays, you need the clicks to be someone, and no one is going to click "RX100 VII Review: Everything is the same as it was".
  8. Going by DPReview's video still comparison, the GH5 still has the best 1080p out of everything they tested, by a considerable margin. The Sony's don't have great 1080p, i'd say second place in 1080p goes to Fujifilm. The X-H1 does have IBIS, and it's pretty good now from what i've seen, probably better than any FF camera excluding the Panasonic S1. The AF isn't bad either, surely better than the GH5. The X-H1 is quite reasonably priced now, so it could be an option.
  9. C'mon guys, someone submit a really bad one, I don't want to come dead last. My budget camera is my only camera ?
  10. It should just work by pasting the link, it does on mine. Also, really nice footage, I think we might have the same camera but you got me beat on cinematography for sure. Judgin by the price, we might have even bought it from the same place ?
  11. Dual pixel is on-sensor phase detect AF.
  12. Just like Dan, I've also been a long time lurker of the blog and the forums, and the challenge seemed fun. I shot this yesterday and edited it in the evening. I think it turned out OK. Unfortunately I didn't have an ND, so that meant infinite DoF and fast shutter speeds.
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