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  1. At least Canon won't sue you if you say something bad about their cameras ? Ted
  2. If not the EOS R then what camera? Serious question and I'm open to any brand. I'm a stills wildlife photographer. The organization I work for is pushing me to do video also. The lenses I have are a Canon 600 f4 II, 300 f2.8 II and a 100-400 F5.6 II. I recently got a loaner EOS R from CPS and rented a Ninja V. I was happy with the image I got from the combo (miles better then the 80D I borrowed to learn on). The 4K crop is actually an advantage for me because the 300 f2.8 is much easier to handle then the 600 f4. I don't care about IBIS because I'll always be on a tripod. I'll never use it for stills because I have 1 and 5 series cameras for that. I'm not too impressed with the EOS R controls (compared to my other Canon bodies) but had no real problems with them. RS is a concern but didn't see any issues with the testing I performed. I want an EVF instead of an OVF for panning flying birds (tried that using the back LCD on the 80D and the 1DXII and it's no fun). So if any of you Canon haters can suggest another option I will definitely consider them. It HAS to be able to autofocus the above lenses as good as the EOS R. I can wait to see what the A7SIII is capable of (and the next possible pro EOS R) before purchasing if it's before fall of this year. Ted
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