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  1. Technically it's 1:01 but I'm counting it as a minute. To stay within the time limit I just used a LUT and did some basic corrections. (I screwed up on the outdoor shots, I thought my ND filter was maxed and so I stopped down to f8 and still blew the highlights, but in reality that vari ND filter turns the opposite way and I keep forgetting that.) Anyways enough talk here's the video:
  2. Saw this announced today and thought it might be a pretty big deal for recording? It's effectively a fast tiny nvme ssd using a common physical format. Sure this spec wouldn't be super common but it says that it'll be backwards compatible with the existing standard. Also even of is as expensive as cfast or the other card types it can be significantly smaller freeing up space for dual card slots or other things. I don't about you guys but I think this could be a pretty big deal (especially for Sony as they probably want to mantain the same form factor and this could help their space problem) Edit: just ran the math and that's roughly 8gb/s this should be capable of raw 8k 30 which is pretty insane. https://www.theverge.com/circuitbreaker/2019/2/25/18239558/microsd-express-sd-association-new-format-speed-faster-mwc-2019-data-transfer
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