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  1. I'm still living that life (photog life)... ?
  2. I don't think Dan gets it. Dan's current thoughts are incoherent. You need to make sense, create a plan, find your topic, and attack it. If you're gonna be so generic about your topic, no one cares. Why should anyone care about your generic ideas? The topic of activism is too general and no one needs to watch that. If you do your research and find something interesting, then you might have a shot. Find something that is occurring in your area. Are there a particular group or individuals in your community that are activists? Are there homeless veterans on the street who aren't getting enough services from the VA in your neighborhood? Is there a group of local veterans who are trying to help them out by feeding them or shelter them. Now you have a topic and a particular group to interview for a specific reason. You're shining a light into a problem that remains in the dark. You will need a thick skin because docs or journalism is a tough job. You're dealing with real folks (we're being really nice to you in comparison)
  3. I won't give out any names, but there was a recent cine lens summit in my area. All of those peeps are really nice and have lots of excellent info. That info was better than the free adult beverages they had on hand!
  4. This camera does exist and is already in the hands of some reputable camera stores in LA. I talked with one owner and they didn't reveal much except that it was a game changer and one of the best cameras that they had ever seen. I asked them "game changer? They said "yeah". They have it in their shop and are playing with it. Not to something to be taken lightly, especially with using the word game changer... Coming from Panny!!
  5. You need to find what you’re interested in and go from there.
  6. I was referring to buying an mp3 or ripping if off directly youtube, putting it on your editing timeline, manipulating it is a big hell nah. If you captured the audio while it was playing as use some bits and pieces, sure. You upload a 40 min non-stop take of a party. Might be fair game However, cutting a montage to Bruno Mars or any popular artist without purchasing the license is too much of a risk. It becomes a race to the bottom. LOLLL https://kapervideo.com/2017/05/31/wedding-video-music-copyright-law/
  7. ok dude. I am glad you are making money off of someone else's intellectual property. lol
  8. Indeed it is terrifying at how good the camera phone can be when there is enough light. I was using my X-H1 with the mitakon .95 lens to do a portrait and also used the the iphone XS... Oh man, I was blown away at how close they could be. Hell, I was really sad and excited. Cellphone cameras have come a long way!!
  9. You are using copyrighted music. I stopped watching right away.
  10. I've been running the EF-FX1 viltrox sans speedbooster with my X-H1. I owned the 23 1.4 and the 35 1.4, the former being my favorite. I currently own the 16 1.4 and the 27 2.8... The 16 is quite nice, but the Sigma 18-35 really takes the cake. The range is much more suitable for video work, especially for people. I don't care much for AF in video cause I manually focus. Day in and day out, manual focus is what I use. The AF on the 80D was quite superb though! The brighter you open, the shallower depth of field that you have... The more likely you are to miss focus cause of that razor thin focus plane... One recommendation would be to try and improve your coverage too. Technique might help you look at the bigger picture... Wide, mediums, tights, super tights, closeups, action reaction, moments, knowing how to anticipate action, following action, sequencing, composition, etc. I've been shooting professionally for over 10 years, and I had to relearn the basics all over again. I thought more gear would be the answer, but it was re-learning technique that helped me out.
  11. 11 years ago, I missed the boat by 6 months. I bought the XH-A1 in March of 2008. The 5dmkii came out about 6 months later. My career never really recovered as I ended up doing ENG work since 2010. Broadcast is great and rewarding. It too has been a race to the bottom depending on organization. I still do freelance work on the side, but dang is it so competitive. I've been dumping money and energy into catching up with the DSLR revolution/Youtube/Instagram folk within the last two years. The days of using the letus/redrockmicro/ etc with camcorders was short lived. The people who end surviving are those who continue to invest into becoming a better visual storyteller. Knowing and getting the shot still matters above gear. Those who care will compensate you dearly too. EOSHD is definitely a step up from my dvxuser days. Thanks to everyone for their knowledge and candor! Keep up the good work Andrew!
  12. Reframe your question: "How can I learn to become a director?" Sometimes it's awesome to learn from other folk. Finding people who may be able to mentor and guide you in the right direction. These folk have been more than amazing at encouraging you to practice your work, but you made so many excuses. You made one video and then dropped out of the face of the earth. You gotta practice, practice, practice, put yourself out there, and leave your ego at the door.
  13. I find it hilarious that so many people were so defensive over Philip Bloom's post. I don't understand why people were rooting for vaporware. If these people took more than one second to look at the product and marketing, they would of understood the whole thing smelled of a pyramid scheme! I'm not even sad that they don't exist anymore.
  14. Y'all should be grateful Nikon even bothered to compete with anyone. Out of the Canikon duo, they are the only legacy company that threw all of its resources to mirrorless. They added IBIS, better EVF, 4k 30, 120FPS slow motion, 10-bit externally, possibly raw, they even built an adapter. If it wasn't for the X-T3, they would be in the same league as the A7iii. People pine over the EOS R, but they don't give a flying spaghetti monster of reaching their potential at that price point. Canon is crippled city!
  15. I wasn't sold on it the first time around, but my local camera store had it on sale for $1,099 "open box", with grip. It was practically brand new and I traded a t4i... It went out the door for $975, and the viltrox adapter, it's a great image making machine. I love the 18-35 on it!
  16. Reason why Canon wins is cause people are lazy and prefer convenience. I look at the footage that I shoot from my Canon 80D and Fuji X-H1. I love the eterna profile and it's just much nicer, but truth be told, you don't need to do much with the Canon video and it is good enough. Even if the video is a bit mushy, I don't have to tweak the colors. Intercutting Canon footage with my ENG Panny is a cinch. The colors are very similar. I could not intercut the footage from my Sony a6500 so easily. BUT SERIOUSLY, even if I had the cash, I wouldn't pull the trigger on the c200 ... Canon finds a way to cripple it too. No DPAF if you're doing 120FPS, which negates buying it if you're a solo operator running a Ronin with it.
  17. Recently repurchased the X-H1... Local camera store had an open box with warranty and battery grip deal for $1,099.. Traded in an old T4i... Added the Viltrox adapter EF-FX1 for my Sigma 18-35 and it's a pretty decent machine for images. I still have my 80D because that DPAF is hard to beat (hate to admit it, but that Canon Color science SOOC is still gorgeous...)
  18. I like Canon. They have held a warm place in my heart. I owned a XH-A1 camcorder years ago and worked with the 5Dmkii at the beginning of the DSLR revolution. I owned a C100 MKI briefly and really dug it. The lightweight codec was awesome, but I needed the 60P. I picked up the 80D on a whim and it is absolutely great for my personal stuff. The touchscreen and ergonomics are superb. I was excited and ready to make a commitment to Canon for mirrorless, but it's been lackluster. Everyone else offers better gear for the price. I would of easily ordered the EOS RP for FHD, but damn I'm not that much of a sucker to get fleeced by them.
  19. So... They could do it, but they decided to cripple it intentionally? All of their cameras do 24P. There really isn't a proper justification from Canon's side not to provide 24P in FHD. I understood why they did with the 5Dmkii back in 2008, because it was innovative. This is 2019 and it's the minimum that they could do for people.
  20. Canon, not only crippling cameras, but now crippling friendships .
  21. Another crippling product courtesy of Canon. This is not surprising and I can't believe people make excuses for it.
  22. I definitely agree. I'll spring for the Miller or Sachtler once I make some decent coin... LOL
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