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  1. Just FYI, Kamera Express is terrible with sending out pre-orders in the correct order. They basically just seem to pick a name at random from their list and ship it to them - I know people who ordered on the 9th of April who haven't gotten anything, and people who ordered in September(!) who did.
  2. That's awesome, thanks for correcting me!
  3. Cameranu has a 3-4 month expected waiting time for non-preordered cameras. Kamera Express has delivered like three cameras, so far.
  4. You can shoot in Video, Extended Video or Film, you cannot bake in third party LUTs (although you can see them on your monitor)
  5. This is a really nice testament to how resolution really has gigantic diminishing returns when it comes to perceptual image quality. Manufacturers should be investing in things that actually matter such as color-depth, color-science and dynamic range. This footage looks like it was shot on a 2010 handycam, except with somehow worse color-science.
  6. Do you think the top four videos in this gallery could be? Aside from maybe the 'Color of Light' one. Genuinely asking. https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/blackmagicpocketcinemacamera/gallery
  7. Jesus Christ, those look good ... Also of course it was Film Convert, Jon Pais, thanks! Don't know why I didn't think of that, I own the software even, haha.
  8. He didn't even bother to switch out "GH5" in some of the descriptions but he'll explain to you how this camera works after having owned it for two weeks.
  9. The in-built mic actually seems to be really good - cool! Other than that Redshark News really seems to go out of their way to talk about anything other than what you might find on a spec sheet, don't they?
  10. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1321239-REG/fujinon_fujinon_mk18_55mm_t2_9_lens.html At least mount for this can be adapted to MFT with a small plate (not that specific mount though, I don't think).
  11. Unfortunately not, sorry! I'm using an A7R/S II most of the times.
  12. The reason I stopped shooting Slog was the fact that by overexposing by two stops the skin tones get really pasty and thin most of the times. I much rather have good skintones than some extra dynamic range, however I agree with you on the fact that the Cine curves have terrible highlight roll off.
  13. It's because using the term ISO is relatively tricky in an age of digital photography:
  14. I mean, the Pocket 4k is cheaper, so I don't understand this dig? Looks really nice though!
  15. I personally think most diffusion filters look kinda cheesy (especially the highlight bloom), would you have any good tips?
  16. You could qualify the face, add a tiny bit of blur and then add some grain to the whole picture - that's most succesful in my limited experience. You could of course just add a fraction of blur to the whole image and then you wouldn't have to add the masking step, but 1) qualifying (maybe add a large mask) a face is super easy and quick, and 2) without a qualifier it will probably look less subtle because it affects the whole image. EDIT: If other people have tips and tricks for making footage less sharp and more 'creamy' I'd love to know it, always looking for that with non-Ursa footage.
  17. I don't know if he added midtone detail ... sounds more like he raised the level of the midtones from that description?
  18. That lowlight footage still has way too much midtone detail for my taste (look at her pores), but that's something that's adjustable in post with this much data. It's just a shame they haven't managed to get it like that 'out of camera'. Still a great deal though.
  19. Sorry, I forgot to write the word 'RAW' in my message (I've edited it now). Because that's really the key: You cannot downsample in RAW. The Pocket will shoot downsampled 1080P in Prores (up to 80fps I believe?) and will only crop at the absolute highest framerates.
  20. If you're waiting for a camera that shoots uncropped 1080p RAW from a 4k sensor I've got some bad news for you... EDIT: Forgot the word 'RAW'
  21. The gigantic difference between Blackmagic manuals and other brands is that the BM manuals actually explain what's happening. They don't just state that the sensor will be windowed at higher frame rates, they explain it's because it reads out one-to-one pixels when it windows. I love that.
  22. I thought that video looked impressive, and extremely impressive when you consider it was shot on a 1500 dollar camera, but it also looks to start falling apart slightly, especially in the skintones. That just happens when you grade 10 bit footage this hard.
  23. Manufacturers want a global launch in most cases for a product, which means ALL distributors in all markets need to have stock on hand. There's a step in between getting the product boxed and actually having thousands of those boxes shipped around the world. *Edited to make the language a bit less harsh.
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