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  1. I mean: if it does, that's great, right? Everything I've heard from Blackmagic support has been pretty excellent otherwise. They've definitely been way, way more accessible to me when I had an issue than, let's say, Sony has been. Because they should've had a better feeling for their market, you mean? We should remember that their choices up until recently have been pretty conventional (all the official Blackmagic footage was shot by established DP's), and now the cameras are going out to a bunch of 'influencers' (yuk) it seems, with a focus on South-East Asia, which is a large potential market I imagine. Unexpectedly, some of the footage out of that corner has actually been some of the best yet, in my humble opinion (I'm talking about the 'Sunset' and 'Bubble Gum' videos).
  2. I mean at this point you're just outright misrepresenting what Areia shot. Yes, he did shoot a video walking around a zoo. He also shot what I consider to be a well-shot, edited and graded video: ... ... as well as one comparing the Micro to the Pocket 4k, which is yet to come out (but he released the Pocket 4k footage already). I know you have seen these videos, mr. Reid, because you have commented on them on your own forums. Why are you downplaying the stuff he made? I mean the answer is obvious: it's because you weren't the one who got to make it. I really don't want to seem hostile to you on your own forums (which, don't get me wrong, I think is awesome for you to facilitate), but it's stuff like this that makes you come across as petty and vindictive, because by putting these little spins on the story you appear to be actively looking for reasons to feel slighted.
  3. Blackmagic HAVE their own excellent forums (at blackmagicdesign.com), and their employees actively comment on different forums.
  4. I don't understand why you have to be so asinine about this - he explains in the description of the video that he is aware of the fact that the footage is rocky, what the reason for it is, and then goes on to explain why he choose to include the footage anyway. What more do you want?
  5. The shakiness of the footage is because he had a Micro rigged next to it for a comparison video so he could go about matching and comparing the two for a later video, which I think is pretty cool. If you read the description of the video he admits that he had a hard time holding the camera steady because of how cumbersome the rig was.
  6. You assumed wrong, it's a 4x crop (roughly) compared to Full Frame. How wide do you need your slow-motion shots to be? You don't own an 18mm or something like that?
  7. In raw - yes. In prores it is downsampled 1080p (meaning you get the full sensor width), unless you're shooting 120fps in which case it will be a 2x crop again.
  8. That's my idea as well: Manfrotto has clamps that should easily hold a t5 in place.
  9. Mr. Reid, I don't know you and I won't pretend to understand what you are going through, so please do not take this statement the wrong way. However, when you say you are 'feeling really quite down', do you think that your current mental wellbeing is served by continuing to have this discussion? By arguing (no matter how justified) with people on these forums, your blog and Facebook page (all three of which you seem to hold very dear and personal, something which I understand). In my opinion you absolutely did the right thing by locking up this thread temporarily, and my advice to you would be to do it again. Why revel in this energy-consuming discussion? I get that you're dissapointed and feel sleighted by Blackmagic's decision no to hand you the camera for early review, something only exacerbated by the fact that the event was in your own home-time. That must have honestly felt like shit. Nonetheless, scratching the wound left by this event (by returning to the discussion over and over again on these forums) might feel satisfying in the short-term, but it is absolutely not conducive to it healing. I suspect you are not gaining any longterm insight or satisfaction by having this discussion in this manner, and even worse, you might be worsening you're already crummy mood because you are now infecting this website with a discussion that 1) will make it harder to take back anything you say in anger because it is now done in a very public way, and 2) taints your very personal project with a negativity that you probably don't want in your life. Finally, in your anger you might end up taking actions or saying things that will end up doing damage to this project (eoshd.com) which you obviously hold so dear to you. My advice (but hey, who am I) to you would be to give yourself a break - delete the blogpost you made, lock this thread and go for a walk/watch a movie/have a nice dinner with friends. Seriously do anything else for a while instead of having this situation drag you down. When you come back, delete this entire tangent and have this thread be about the Pocket 4K again. If you find Blackmagic's answer to your emails not satisfactory in the future, just don't cover them anymore if it makes you feel better. I just don't believe it is conducive to your wellbeing by dragging the argument into the public (and very ill-informed) sphere. Hope that all makes sense. Thank you for your passion and thanks for hosting this site.
  10. My point is that you will find very little to no employees from other large companies actively answering questions and engaging with their customers on online forums like this. Hell, Blackmagic have their OWN forum where they get raked over the coals pretty badly from time to time, and yet they will always engage with their customers and keep the platform open. I havent seen any Blackmagic employee 'go berserk' on these forums - they might have though, could you give me an example of this happening?
  11. I think it's pretty amazing how accessible people like Captain Hook have been on this and other forums, it's something you do not see a lot with other camera brands.
  12. I think this looks great by the way!
  13. The .64 only works with full frame lenses but gives you more light and a smaller crop. The .71 works with full frame and aps-c lenses and gives you less light and larger crop when compared to the .64.
  14. However using IR filters on this sensor would have no detrimental effect, right?
  15. You're welcome, although I did get one fact wrong: no gain is applied to the sensor from the ISO 100-1250 range (as opposed to 100-800).
  16. Yeah, but now you are just doing what would happen if you exposed at (let's say) 400 normally, instead of 100. Between ISO 100-800 no gain is applied by the sensor, only the curve is shifted. In raw this doesn't matter, because you CAN underexpose at ISO 100 and just apply the 400 curve without losing anything. However, due to the compression applied by prores (which is pretty good, don't get me wrong), you'll likely have less shadow detail/more noise when you pull up ISO 100 in post to match ISO 400 as opposed to just having shot at ISO 400 to begin with.
  17. The guy who shot the Seoul Zoo footage had this to say over on bmcuser: "I did another shoot yesterday which I'm editing right now. I used Hoya Pro NDs (2-4-6 stops) and I haven't noticed a thing related to IR. Blacks are neutral and clean" So sounds promising! And yeah, that footage is beautiful.
  18. No the 2x crop is only when shooting raw, Prores is downsampled 4k at no crop.
  19. Hey Alex, I don't think the DNGs weigh anything, but here are the datarates at 30 frames per second: 4096 x 2160 CinemaDNG RAW - 272 MB/s CinemaDNG RAW 3:1 - 129 MB/s CinemaDNG RAW 4:1 - 97 MB/s 3840 x 2160 CinemaDNG RAW - 255 MB/s CinemaDNG RAW 3:1 - 122 MB/s CinemaDNG RAW 4:1 - 92 MB/s 1920 x 1080 (at a 2x crop) CinemaDNG RAW - 66 MB/s CinemaDNG RAW 3:1 - 32 MB/s CinemaDNG RAW 4:1 - 24 MB/s
  20. Also this is a guy with 275.000 subs, not just a rando. I agree that it is a bit of a strange way to release the footage, compared to the tightly controlled footage of before.
  21. Great discussion of the Pocket4k. Maybe just PM each other?
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