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  1. I usually like some of this guys videos, but his was a hack job imo. He tweaked the HD footage and 4k footage to try and make them look as similar as possible. Never seen the 4k that soft from anything i've shot with Canon 4k. People do anything to justify their purchases, or get views.
  2. Snowbro

    Premiere Pro 2019

    In PS CC 2019, the google NIK Collection finally doesn't work...
  3. I dont think it would stop the average buyer on this camera. They probably wouldnt even know what rolling shutter is if the reviewer mentioned it.
  4. Snowbro

    I WILL be getting a Fuji X-T3!

    I heard that some older lenses do not work so great with the video AF. What fast lenses can I get that will perform well? On full frame, I like (f/1.4-2) 25mm and 35mm with some 85mm
  5. Yeah, they just have artifacting/striping when shooting into something bright 🤣
  6. I think some copies of the camera are worse than others. I tested raws from a few different places and the camera dpreview had didn't seem to be too bad. There are some big threads on their forums where people are posting before & after of just a 2 stop push and there seems to be quite a bit of color banding. I don't think it's anything people will see on their output to IG or whatever they post it to, but I wouldn't make a large print. Look at the example on the bottom of page 8 only a few stops recovery, crazy.. hopefully they can fix it in an update, but idk. https://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/4329433?page=8 That will be interesting to see, thanks for checking. Also, have you tested the crop mode 1080p? It looks to be very nice 1080, supposedly supersampled.
  7. Good article that is relevant to us, unlike all the "tech reviewers & photographers". The only thing I dont know if I agree on, is saying it's really close to a c200 crop wise. C200 is 1.5x & eos r is nearly 1.8x? For photos; it also has some nasty banding/coloring that can start to become visible at 3 stops & up. If you shoot a landscape in sunrise or sunset towards the light source (sun), I have found you generally need 2-4 stops of shadow recovery. It should be fine photo wise for most people though, you can always bracket.
  8. Snowbro

    Canon EOS R full frame mirrorless talk hots up

    It's almost halloween, he just wanted some zombie skin 😉
  9. Snowbro

    Canon EOS R full frame mirrorless talk hots up

    I ordered this camera (canceled) to use mostly for photos and some b cam stuff, but I just really want a smaller, more descreite 1dx ii lol. I might just get an xt3 for some travel stuff until canon makes a pro rf camera. The lenses are very amazing and they have shown huge improvements in what they are releasing for video features. The next RF camera should be a total beast. I would still like to see this camera put next to a c100 ii in cropped mode and the 4k vs the c200.
  10. Snowbro

    Canon EOS R full frame mirrorless talk hots up

    Here is his comment quote on the vimeo video I saw: "Something that Canon decided to do, which is not often talked about by blog reviewers is the 1080 crop mode. This mode over samples the crop 4K image and the result is an even sharper 1080 thats perfectly suited for Vlogs and online output. The image is significantly sharper." The video where he mentions this (in a comment reply), He says to be a senior trainer at Canon Burbank. He has had the camera for months:
  11. Snowbro

    Canon EOS R full frame mirrorless talk hots up

    Saw a video on vimeo where the guy said that the eos r actually super sampled its 1080p when in the 1080p cropped mode (apsc mode or whatever idk). I noticed on mattis video that when he switches from full frame 1080p to the cropped 1080p, it is extremely detailed on the guys face. That looks more like c100 ii footage to me lol. Its at 13:25 in the video.
  12. Snowbro

    Canon EOS R full frame mirrorless talk hots up

    This camera only needs 60 MB/s on the 4k, so a 95 MB/s UHS-1 SD should work fine? I know it depends on the minimum/average speed. I have CFAST cards, but don't feel like spending a bunch on UHS-2 cards to try it out if I get curious.
  13. Snowbro

    Canon EOS R full frame mirrorless talk hots up

    I like how everyone lost their mind when the 5d iv/1dx ii had 500 mbps on 4k 24p, this camera has mp4 at 480 mbps 4k 24p and no one complains about the size lol
  14. Snowbro

    Canon EOS R full frame mirrorless talk hots up

    I agree. He just likes to go around and talk crap on everything with a closed mind. Some people like controversy, which he has a right to do, I just call him out on some things he makes up on the spot. Andrew was getting close to banning him in another thread I believe this month for it. I dont really care that much, I think he adds some excitement to a camera forum of all places 🤣