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  1. No he didnt test the sensor readout for video. But we know (for the A9) it is much lower than for stills - in fact by the rolling shutter tests I have seen, the readout is the same as the A7riii. So did Sony intentionally cripple the A9 for video (quite probably) and was the reason they didnt include picture profiles because they deliberately didnt want people buying the A9 for video expecting that the fast electronic shutter would lead to less rolling shutter (again quite possible but just guessing.) Still if a 24mp A7siii or a 12mp A7siii takes advantage of the incredibly fast
  2. http://blog.kasson.com/ This engineer has done extensive testing of the readout speed of Sony sensors. A7r2 1/15 second A7r3 1/30 second A9 1/160 second but only in stills (not in video) (which could be very interesting in terms of the A7siii) In terms of your above comment, he tests full sensor readout for stills. So the readout for a proportion of the sensor could be faster (I guess.)
  3. You could well be right. I wasnt speaking from experience but from what I had read in Gary Friedman's 708 page epic on the A7riii. 'The maximum bitrate you can choose for SD-stored 4K is 100 Mbps, whereas for external recorders you can record your video at about 147 Mbps.' He does occasionally get things wrong.
  4. BTW I thought I would throw in the A7riii and A7rii comparison here because the difference is so striking (in FF video). I am not sure I see or understand where Sony found 3 extra stops of lowlight performance out of the same sensor,
  5. I could be wrong but I think the maximum external recording for the A7riii is 147Mbit (compared to 100Mbit internal.)
  6. My feeling is that 'intellectual' works better in a subscription model like Netflix than in the Cinema. We see that 'intellectual' like some TV series or documentaries dont attract high audience figures but they do tend to inspire loyalty to the channel brand and anchor subscriptions. So on that note, we dont know 'how much' Netflix is paying Paramount 'NOT' to release it in the Cinema. Afterall Netflix spent over US$50m making 'Okja' last year (which I thought was excellent.) Anyways, it is useless blaming 'bean counters' and 'studio executive' or 'youtube' when they are simply catering
  7. The footage shows the 'A7rii' or the 'A7sii'? It is marked 'A7rii' in the video (apart from the Vimeo headline that mentions A7sii). But the commentary talks about A7sii v A7riii and the others.
  8. I think this test for follow focus isnt great. The GH5s uses CDAF only (contrast detect) and the point of highest contrast is the action figures eyes - so it isnt likely to stray. Now if he moved around the 'hammer' instead of the action figure and it followed focus I would be more impressed but my guess is that as the hammer got close to the action figure it would stray to the action figure.
  9. I can see that the adapted Sigma lenses work incredibly well with the A7riii with 'center focus' but how about 'wide af'?
  10. Well apparently we are using exactly the same source (ie DPreview) to show differing things. The specs say they have the same size sensor, the blurb says that the sensor is 'oversized'. However if it is oversized, it is oversized by 6.7% in area which isnt a lot - not much of a trade off for ibis. In contrast the A7riii is oversized by 300%.
  11. This is quite a bold statement you have made but is it true? I mean a couple of people have stated on this forum that the GH5s cant have IBIS because it has a 'bigger sensor' (and there isnt room for the ibis.) Well actually the sensor is exactly the same size in the GH5s as the GH5 so that cant be it. It might be an overheating issue but I doubt it with that sized body and sensor. It could well be a cost of build issue and Panasonic's belief that the 'target market' wouldnt be prepared to pay for ibis. Could be but I question Panasonic's judgement here. And let's face it Panasonic h
  12. I seriously doubt it. The multi-aspect sensor is how the pixels are distributed and not the physical size of the sensor. The GH1 had a multi-aspect sensor and it had exactly the same size sensor as all the other M43 cameras. It was sporting an extra 100,000 pixels though.
  13. I think you are right. Current movie settings dont show even in 'display all info' on the A7r3. With my A7r2 the movie settings show in that tab.
  14. Well theoretically I am thinking that rather than going for a bigger sensor they will choose a smaller sensor with an interchangeable lens mount - a proprietary one rather like the Inspire. Af would be on sensor cdaf and pdaf I would guess. Here's the sort of rumor I am thinking about... https://myfirstdrone.com/blog/phantom-5-rumors-everything-we-know Maybe they would even throw in a variable ND!!
  15. Another possibility that I see in various 'rumors' is that the Phantom 5 will have a an interchangeable lens set up with the 1" sensor while the Mavic will have a fixed lens setup with a 1" sensor.
  16. Is the choice that stark? I mean if the GH5S had ibis that you could turn on or off, would it really have lost that much of its low light ability? I come from the stills side that is getting into video (I think there are quite a few of us.) When I think GH5, I think stellar stabilization (as well as quite a lot else), and crappy autofocus. It seems pretty heroic to come out with a more expensive camera with crappy autofocus and missing the stellar stabilization.....
  17. I think you are looking at this problem upside down. DJI have just put the Mavic Pro's camera in a smaller drone - the Mavic Air. So if they put a 1 inch sensor in a Mavic Pro 2 (which is a bit bigger than the Mavic Pro) you should look at it as putting the Phantom 4 camera in a much smaller body. With the Mavic Air now out, DJI have a good excuse for making a slightly larger Mavic Pro 2 to accommodate a inch sensor.
  18. My feeling is that as DJI have just effectively upgraded the Sparks camera to the Mavic Pro with the Mavic Air, we are not far away from seeing the Mavic Pro camera upgraded to a 1 inch sensor (plus fixed lens) with the Mavic Pro 2. And then the Phantom 5 will probably be upgraded to interchangeable lenses (and built in ND) with the same 1 inch sensor.
  19. And this makes it all the more baffling/frustrating because Panasonic sets it self out as 'the' specialist 'video' centric ILC camera manufacturer...
  20. That might be true for the A7riii but this year's A7iii will probably have similar af and GH5 pricing. I know many film makers consider decent af a nice option to have but most still/hybrid shooters consider it a basic necessity. And really Panasonic has no excuses - they were first into the mirrorless world.
  21. Sounds and looks remarkably unlike Canon. Still DJI has 4k/50p on a 1 inch sensor on the Phantom 4 Pro's smaller camera and that drone has been out for a year.
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